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V1.2 Delayed

It is unfortunate to say that the release of the V1.2 Sherry driver for the GMA950 will be delayed due to code revision. The development phase however is done fluently.

Major rev is under work now for improving the performance of the driver itself, i found out some ways to make newer game engine to render as fast as possible for IGP such as the 9xx itself, but keep in mind it’s still under testing and in need of work for stability. Again im sorry for the delay but the rev 2 of the V1.2 Sherry Driver will be the base of the upcoming V2.0. Further info will be notice and will be include during the release of the V1.2 Rev 2.

Some keys of the new technology implemented including :

  • MassageSignalInterrupt – X (MSI-X)
  • IncreasedFixedSegment (IFS)
  • DynamicMemorySpeed (manually added, custom tech by me)
  • IsolatedFrameBuffer (also custom made by me)

Again i’m very sorry for the delay, it’s for the good of the driver itself, as a major project. Thanks for all the support.

Free Legit Games : Simply Awesome

It’s not often that we can find legit games for free nowadays, although some games are as cheap as 9.90$ on Steam sale, most of us don’t afford to have a credit card or similar payment method, or just simply don’t have the budget to do so. does a great job on providing free legit games up for grab, yes, you’ve read that right. You can browse and download games of all types of genre, with reviews to judge before you download the game. Some of it including America’s Army, Command & Conquer and much more just ready to be downloaded. For mobile gamer such as myself, it is useful that almost all of the games available there are playable with laptop carrying low end graphics, which means there are tons of unlimited choices of games to play when your on the go.

hit up the source link for more juicy games download.

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Latest GMA 950 gameplay spotted : Fake?

In recent search in YouTube, I’ve found some interesting gameplay video claiming that he can play Garry’s Mod in windows XP SP3, GMA 950 and a handful of 4GB RAM supposedly dual channel. I have found it hard to believe to reach 20fps on XP OS, since XP can’t support software TnL (Transform and Lighting) like Vista and Windows 7 do. It can run on some system but most of it just crash to desktop without software enabled TnL via 3DAnalyze for XP. Comments below and tell what do you think?

Here’s the footage, watch and be amazed (yeah right~)

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Machinarium : Beautiful and Laptop Friendly

Mobile gaming is always painful with low graphics and lack of modern game art that can run smoothly, but Machinarium does deliver both beauty and performance. This flash based game does not bog down performance on almost any system that have a CPU good enough to play Youtube video, certainly all system can play it even your precious netbooks.

The game,released in 2009 is a point and click adventure with a mix of puzzle solving in an interesting way. Created by Animata Design, the game really stands out with a stunning 2D graphics and detailed artwork. The story is also typical, a robot who tried to save his girlfriend / lover or whatever she is from a city full of machines and robots.

Head on to the source link to try the online demo, full installation is available at the site, also available at Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive and GamersGate.

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