V1.2 Rev 2 Done with almost all Bugs Fixed

The V1.2 “Sherry” Driver for the 945 rev 2 is a go. With most bugs fixed and added a new feature, it will give users a flexibility of their mobile system whether for gaming purposes or image editing to video editing, V1.2 drivers will squeeze out almost all the performance from the little GPU. Some tweaks will be done before it will be available for download.

Main features will be

  • Automatic CPU load balancing for Vertex Processing (improved over V1.2 alpha 1)
  • Pure Hardware Vertex is recognizable for almost all games
  • Value 2 of the game registry value as default
  • Most of the bugs fixed ; StarCraft 2 mainly and Orange Box games

more discussion at http://groups.google.com/group/intel9x-gaming

Stay Tuned for download links and updates ^^

Update : As most of the users said that Value “2” for the addgame registry doesn’t improve much performance or even in some case it literally drop performance alot. I decided that the default value of the addgame registry will be value “1”. Thanks for the feedbacks guys.

6 thoughts on “V1.2 Rev 2 Done with almost all Bugs Fixed

  1. stcrowe says:

    AngelicTears you are a revolutionary in crappy intel gaming chips… keep up the good work 😀 (As a side note, with the 1.2 version you already released, I got about 4-5 more FPS out of Starcraft 2).

  2. AngelicTears says:

    great to hear the good news ^^
    and thanks for ur support, it’s my passion (part time developer) to help us mobile gamers to have a better experience on low end systems..and that’s all of ur support..especially at 9xxssf

  3. mVd says:

    hye..i’m really interested with ur driver..i’ve used 1.2alpha on win7 to play games like warcraft, hon, cs source, torchlight..etc the performance are acceptable for crappy lappy..is it the new beta will improved more on these games too?thanks

  4. AngelicTears says:

    hi, thank you for ur interest.
    about that, glad that the driver gives improved performance for u..and yes the next release should enables new features to improve general gameplay performance on almost all games except shder model 3 and above…

  5. ElbErtZaI says:

    Im curious about the improvement you did for the Starcraft 2, u mind list down what kind of bug is fixed?

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