Latest GMA 950 gameplay spotted : Fake?

In recent search in YouTube, I’ve found some interesting gameplay video claiming that he can play Garry’s Mod in windows XP SP3, GMA 950 and a handful of 4GB RAM supposedly dual channel. I have found it hard to believe to reach 20fps on XP OS, since XP can’t support software TnL (Transform and Lighting) like Vista and Windows 7 do. It can run on some system but most of it just crash to desktop without software enabled TnL via 3DAnalyze for XP. Comments below and tell what do you think?

Here’s the footage, watch and be amazed (yeah right~)

Source :

2 thoughts on “Latest GMA 950 gameplay spotted : Fake?

  1. Lavinian says:

    My specs
    Intel Atom N270 1.7 GhZ
    1 GB RAM
    GMA950 128 MB
    Windows XP SP3

    Blank flatgrass map
    30 fps on HIGH
    50 fps on LOW

    My secret: -dxlevel 81+ mat_forcehardwaresync 0
    Game crashed whenever im shoot NPC
    GMA950 sucks hard

  2. FakeDeath says:

    its true!!!!
    i was able to play gmod 10 on xp without lag on medium-high

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