V1.2 Delayed

It is unfortunate to say that the release of the V1.2 Sherry driver for the GMA950 will be delayed due to code revision. The development phase however is done fluently.

Major rev is under work now for improving the performance of the driver itself, i found out some ways to make newer game engine to render as fast as possible for IGP such as the 9xx itself, but keep in mind it’s still under testing and in need of work for stability. Again im sorry for the delay but the rev 2 of the V1.2 Sherry Driver will be the base of the upcoming V2.0. Further info will be notice and will be include during the release of the V1.2 Rev 2.

Some keys of the new technology implemented including :

  • MassageSignalInterrupt – X (MSI-X)
  • IncreasedFixedSegment (IFS)
  • DynamicMemorySpeed (manually added, custom tech by me)
  • IsolatedFrameBuffer (also custom made by me)

Again i’m very sorry for the delay, it’s for the good of the driver itself, as a major project. Thanks for all the support.

9 thoughts on “V1.2 Delayed

  1. ElbErtZaI says:

    Cant Wait Cant Wait Cant WAit CANT WAIT!! >_<!!! LOL!! hope everything goes smoothly, thumbs up ^^b

  2. UncleFerassi says:

    Good luck on the revision!
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. Faseeh Iqbal aka Bholsingh says:

    take your time dude…. ur really working hard…. there is no urgency….. btw, hoping u could complete the driver during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays(assumption)

  4. NSP says:

    No probs , believe it will be best of all ++

  5. sdsadf says:

    I have a question about your modded drivers. Is it possible to install them on Linux through Wine?

  6. AngelicTears says:

    it can’t on Wine actually..Wine is a type of runtime emulator and can’t work for any type of driver./it directly in contact with linux mesa driver..so it cant work with windows driver under wine..but in the future, 9xxssf may can develop a linux driver prototype, but all still in planning.

  7. Jimmy W says:

    Just a question, will you be next releasing another alpha next or will you just jump ahead to the beta?

  8. AngelicTears says:

    If everything goes well, the next release will be a beta state release..or even RC..it depends on the stability of the driver with soo many new technology implanted…but the release date will not be confirm as i myself in the middle of exams..so yeah,after exams, i will have plenty of time to refine the codes.

  9. george says:

    when the release of the version for gma 965 (x3100) ?

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