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New 9xxSSF site is up!

Our brother DanielPK had been working hard for the past couple of weeks to renew and improve the site of our beloved to a new level. More clean and amazing interface, social friendly site, blogs and much much more you have to head there for yourself!  Info of the 9xxssf Group can be found there also along side latest news on gaming, drivers and recent technology develop by us. User support team will also be there to provide major and minor FAQ about modded driver, recent driver release, gaming problem and etc in one single site. So head on to the site link below after finishing up your breakfast and register as member of the 9xxssf community as your dessert.

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16 September 2010 Update.

Happy Malaysia Day f0r who ever celebrating it ^^

First i am glad to announce that the V1.2 Sherry Driver is quite a success at rev 2 level and rev 3 development is undergo minor update with fix for some minor bug such as performance slow down on some games such as Counter Strike: Source and other games. So far, some games have major improvements such as Doom 3, and other ID games.

Also with the upcoming rev 3 of the V1.2 Sherry, which is maybe will be the RC of the V1.2, will include a fix and finally the compatibility for the GSE and GME chipsets of the 945. Release date will be approximately in a week time, so cross your fingers as this will sure bring revolution to another level.

Also rev 3 will provide the following features :

  • Improved Dynamic Memory Management
  • CPU SSE3 Threading will be improve
  • Minimize Driver Overhead for improved responce for both GDI and HAL interface

All that and much more after the rev 3 release.

Also the Developer Notes will be release for Technology Explaination and brief for any developers interested or curious on what’s make V1.2 Sherry improve gaming to a new level of “performance”.

till then, Have a great week and Cheers ^^

V1.2 Sherry Rev 2 Updates : OpenGL!, More Juice! Update : Download links released!

Hi to all, i am very sorry for being inactive in recent days, i just finished my exams so now i have time to catch up what i have left off. For first i am glad to say that V1.2 will have openGL support! I am pleased to say that 32 bit version of the V1.2 Sherry have full support of 56 openGL extensions up to OpenGL 1.4 and soon to follow in 64 bit driver variant. With up to 16 openGL vertex texture unit enabled,  a maximum of 2048 texture size supported, for both 32 bit and 64 bit driver, V1.2 Sherry will sure enables older openGL games playable if not run smooth on both architecture. So, for those who have long to play CoD1 on 64 bit OS, here’s your chance finally to play it after the 64 driver release sometime after the 32 bit rev 2 of the V1.2 release soon. Although i have to stress out that it’s still under beta, results shows positive value.

Here’s some screenies :

OpenGL Extension support

Open GL 1.2 Benchmark

Also in DirectX side, more juice for 950, i have enabled most of the technology showcase in the features sheet of the V1.2 which can be found here. That and some new technology such as :

  • Dynamic Memory Speed
  • Isolated Frame Buffer
  • Dynamic Vertex Threading (for SWVP)
  • Flexible Vertex Shader
  • IDVM (Improved Dynamic Virtual Memory)
  • MSI-X rev 2
  • IFS-MSI Combo
  • SSE3 Threading Optimizations (for SWVP)
  • Dual Core Vertex Threading (for SWVP)

yes, all those technology done in just one day, and i really need some sleep now.

And some sneak peak, V2.0 will be planned soon ^^

cheers all and thanks for all the support, release date will be announce soon.

Update :

Finally it’s have been release ^^

download links :

continue to read at our group page for more info :