V1.2 Sherry Rev 2 Updates : OpenGL!, More Juice! Update : Download links released!

Hi to all, i am very sorry for being inactive in recent days, i just finished my exams so now i have time to catch up what i have left off. For first i am glad to say that V1.2 will have openGL support! I am pleased to say that 32 bit version of the V1.2 Sherry have full support of 56 openGL extensions up to OpenGL 1.4 and soon to follow in 64 bit driver variant. With up to 16 openGL vertex texture unit enabled,  a maximum of 2048 texture size supported, for both 32 bit and 64 bit driver, V1.2 Sherry will sure enables older openGL games playable if not run smooth on both architecture. So, for those who have long to play CoD1 on 64 bit OS, here’s your chance finally to play it after the 64 driver release sometime after the 32 bit rev 2 of the V1.2 release soon. Although i have to stress out that it’s still under beta, results shows positive value.

Here’s some screenies :

OpenGL Extension support

Open GL 1.2 Benchmark

Also in DirectX side, more juice for 950, i have enabled most of the technology showcase in the features sheet of the V1.2 which can be found here. That and some new technology such as :

  • Dynamic Memory Speed
  • Isolated Frame Buffer
  • Dynamic Vertex Threading (for SWVP)
  • Flexible Vertex Shader
  • IDVM (Improved Dynamic Virtual Memory)
  • MSI-X rev 2
  • IFS-MSI Combo
  • SSE3 Threading Optimizations (for SWVP)
  • Dual Core Vertex Threading (for SWVP)

yes, all those technology done in just one day, and i really need some sleep now.

And some sneak peak, V2.0 will be planned soon ^^

cheers all and thanks for all the support, release date will be announce soon.

Update :

Finally it’s have been release ^^

download links : http://www.mediafire.com/?inz3ncnfcz7ubzc

continue to read at our group page for more info : http://groups.google.com/group/intel9x-gaming/browse_thread/thread/b32142d1e2934bfc

47 thoughts on “V1.2 Sherry Rev 2 Updates : OpenGL!, More Juice! Update : Download links released!

  1. TyH says:

    Good Work !!

  2. Uncleferassi says:

    Angelic brother may you be a very successful rich man lol

  3. Leandro says:

    Good work, im waiting for this like a kid wait for Christmas

  4. kidharlen says:

    very nice work man!! thought I would point out something that you might have forgotten,I think it just affects netbook users like me though..

    AddReg = igfx_Bwg_HardwareDeviceSettings

    I took the liberty of adding it on my igdlh.inf file after the [i965GX0.HW] addreg line. this fixed the flickering of my screen when I installed this driver on my netbook.
    Thanks for your hard work as always AngelicTears. Kudos!

  5. Leandro says:


  6. Leandro says:

    doesn’t work and i have a 945 families :S

    its all slow when i install the driver, help me plz

  7. AngelicTears says:

    @ everyone
    thanks for all of ur support ^^

    @ Leandro
    i ahve already reuploaded the fix (thanks to kidharlen)
    i am very sorry, infact it turns out that i forgot some of the lines required..
    but yeah, u can re click the download link above and reinstall..

  8. Leandro says:

    thank you so mutch

  9. Leandro says:

    but when i install the pc stays too slow what can be?
    i already try all

  10. Uncleferassi says:

    Did you trying uninstalling the driver then restart then install it?

    This is just a purely vista/7 modded driver btw

  11. Erhan says:

    Thank you very much for all your hard work. It worked great on Windows 7 x86! I switched to x64 today and hope to see a release soon. 🙂

    I can beta test if you want or so.

  12. DanielPK says:

    AWESOME dude…i like the new features and got a question…does “Dual Core Vertex Threading” only apply to C2D users or to all the “Core” family CPUs? …am downloading it and will be running tests ASAP!! Happy Malaysia Day btw 😀

  13. AngelicTears says:

    Not really, in conjunction with SSE3 Optimizations, the Vertex Shading needs to be more flexible, thus the Dual Core Vertex Shading improves Vertex Processing with multithread CPU, optimize for any dual-core or quad core CPU…also note that the code utilize only a maximum of 2 threads per vertex processing application…even if users have quad Core…

  14. Rob says:

    Hey Angelic! Are these drivers are 100% safe? Since I already had various adventures with drivers, and I do not want to lose my documents. I have now “Express Mod for 7” driver from your site , and I will say that it performs quite well. But there is one drawback in the games because sometimes I have a small slowdown with the mouse. Something about 40-50 milliseconds. And now, whether these drivers significantly improve graphics performance and fix this problem? Thank you for your work and wait for an answer;)

  15. AngelicTears says:

    Hi there, first of all thanks for the support of the project

    “Express Mod for 7” ? hmm, can u give me the link which u downloaded it, i need to confirm it..

    for the question, yes the drivers are perfectly safe and stable. on most cases, most users experience 250% increase in performance than the V1.1, most of my driver are build with stability in mind, so there’s no cases of overall system failure in all my work…

    but mind that netbook users might experience some bug, regarding GDI slow downs making windows aero practically unusable..other laptop users are fine. also some games might have lower performance than previous drivers but that’s minor issues.. on most cases, the driver unlocks newer features such as AA and etc (thanks for Haze, 9xxssf senior Group member for reporting it).

    as general advise, always create a system restore point before installing any modded driver or drivers in general (if enabled, windows usually create one automatically)

    good luck ^^ and happy gaming / photo editing ^^

  16. Rob says:

    Thx for answer, wow I have no doubt today i will install your driver:) This driver was found on google, because I had a system crash on your website google group that driver was no longer there:) I’m sorry, but I can not find this driver, i downloaded this quite a long time. The driver was certainly on the server “Mediafire.com” Tell me, what should I take a screenshot or whatever, then you could identify the driver. You are the masters! Do not stop doing what you are doing! From my shitty laptop on which I could not play CS: S now normally I play it: D If I can not find your driver, this notebook would have probably lay outside the window: D

    Rob 😉

  17. AngelicTears says:

    No problem ^^

    hmm, since it’s quite a long time ago, it doesn’t matter, but some driver created can give system failure, mostly the youtube vid on “how to mod a intel GMA driver” is rubbish, some newbie claims other works theirs just by editing one single line, and not to mentioned noobs who created a buggy driver…

    In the future, u could always refer to the group (link on the sidebar) for driver legitimacy, also u can discuss about ur game error problem and stuffs there, just be sure to post ur spec first ^^

    cheers and thanks 🙂

  18. george says:

    i have an error, when i open the setup.exe.
    he say “you haven’t system requirements”
    but i have intel x3100 (gma 965)
    (sorry for my bad english)

  19. AngelicTears says:

    obviousely because u have a 965, this driver only guaranteed to work on 945 (GMA 950)..
    although as i said on ur other comment, they are users who mod my driver to work with 965, again u can ask them here. http://groups.google.com/group/intel9x-gaming

    although i do NOT guaranteed its stability to work on 965 chipsets, some users experience boost in gaming performance..

    if thats not working, u can always install Sigma 3 drivers created by my friend Jose a.k.a MAD_BEAST which specifically created for the 965 users..
    also u can search it here…http://groups.google.com/group/intel9x-gaming

    good luck ^^

  20. spas says:

    Hey a question, this works in XP too??

    BTW thanks for your effort

  21. AngelicTears says:

    nope, this version will work only with windows 7 and vista..although i highly recommend vista users upgrade to win7…

    as for XP users who dont want to upgrade / cant upgrade, i have plans to make one but not on near time, as my side project..although i also highly recommend upgrade / dual boot XP with windows 7..

    other than that, XP users will have to wait, or u can download the XP mod Driver by KinGPin at http://www.9xxssf.info .

    thanks for the support ^^

  22. gma965_user says:

    Hi! Well done on your projects on GMA945/950.
    But, are there any modded drivers for GMA965?
    If so, please post the link here! Thanks. 😀

  23. crazy dragon says:

    You’re great! I love when someone wants to share his knowledge with the rest of the world in this way. Too bad I don’t have 950, I’m using GMA 965 😦 Is there any chance that there will be a better modded driver for this chipset?


  24. Rob says:

    HI everyone. I have one very very big problem with Counter Strike Source. Check out the screen: http://i53.tinypic.com/iwq7fl.jpg. I have this in HL2, CSS etc (Source Engine). Gma 950, Sherry 1.2 drivers. I tried launch in Hardware & Software mode. In Hardware this bug is repaired, but the weapons is black and fps is very very low. Thx for answers. 🙂

  25. FrozenLord says:


    I’d like to ask whether there is an ETA on x64 drivers 🙂
    I would really love to test these drivers but I’m not willing to downgrade back to x86…

  26. AngelicTears says:

    @ Crazy Dragon

    hi there, i dont usually make a 965 driver, although u can try ask the 9xxssf group, there are several drivers that u can use and created for the 965..


    hmm, the problem could be a texture problem and commonly exist in newer source engine. commonly L4D…u can try and reinstall the game, or u can tune down the setting to a little bit lower, or lowest according to config u use, u can also use Casey’s Config (google it) to make it more playable..

    Sorry bro, i cant give u any ETA at the moment…but a rough guess would be before December…^^ but that’s for the 64 bit only…and still under development, so i cant say much rite now about the 64 bit version.

  27. crazy dragon says:

    Angelic Tears, thanks for the reference. I am using Win XP, but I will have to get Windows 7 to have modded drivers for my graphics. I wish there were better drivers for XP

  28. 945Fan says:

    Hey AngelicTears. How come every time when i try to download a 945 modded driver for Windows 7 it always gives me a black screen? I even ran it in VGA mode & Safe mode and it still didn’t work?

  29. MaxOfS2D says:


    Installed this modded driver today and I had INSANE slowdowns, sadly

    The Windows desktop would only refresh every two seconds.

    I don’t have Aero enabled (because I’m on Windows 7 Starter anyway), and I do have a GMA 945. Any ideas?

    • Ed Delapaz says:

      when u are installing a GPU driver make sure u turn to winclassic theme to avoid that problem. I installed sherry 1.3 and freakin lagging screen refresh every 2-5 sec and turn to classic theme and no more laggin but slow and incompatible rollback it 🙂

  30. AngelicTears says:

    MaxOfS2D, thank u for downloading 🙂

    but unfortunately, from ur explaination, i believe u have a netbook, in this case, the V1.2 Sherry is not proven to be compatible for netbook version of the 945 chipsets, mainly the 945 GSE and GME…

    u might want to try V1.1E or V1.0 which is compatible for netbooks and acceptable performance for everyday usage.. available at 9xxssf.info ..

  31. MaxOfS2D says:

    Hey, where the hell is V1.1E located? I’ve looked everywhere :p

  32. AngelicTears says:

    Sorry for not including it in this blog 😛

    well, u can read some of it here, including the download link here


    or u can download it directly here


  33. Dutz14 says:

    AngelicTears, can you make the side project to a main project?
    i’m using XP actually, i’ve tried 7 dual-boot, but i running out of disk space and….. you know.
    we, XP users always hope your (side) project realised.
    thank you

  34. AngelicTears says:

    Well, im not really into XP driver development, even in my early days of developments…
    as also, most compatibility (and not performance) issue when it comes to 9xx performance comes from XP users mainly because XP doesnt support software vertex processing like Windows 7 does..
    it is recommended for users to switch to Windows 7 where ever possible as it does perform very well in overall usage…

    i may be will try my hands on XP drivers, but unless i finished my Sherry project (which is already finished, but cant release it yet because of copyright issues), 64 bit drivers project and netbook drivers (GME/GSE), i cant begin a new project, in this case, XP drivers..

  35. Eduardo says:

    Hi Angelic Tears

    Thanks for your hard work in GMA950 modded driver for windows 7, but i have a question
    ¿Its gona be sherry drivers for netbooks, cause i really like your modded drivers all my games run fluently including aero thanks i hope a positive answer

    Thanks and good luck we’re in the fight!!!!

  36. AngelicTears says:

    for the time being, none of my project will be release until further notice 😦

    although plans were made, netbooks driver already half way through development, rev 3 is finished with some time to tune perfect…i still cant release any of it mainly because of the copyright issue that’s need to solve…

    but i do work all my best to develop a perfect driver for netbooks and other GMA…so keep up the support 🙂

  37. @AngelicTears

    Just wanted to say how glad i am for all the hard work you and your “coworkers” have put into this project 🙂

    I really hope you get your copyright issues solved, if not then we all gotta sign a petition 😉

    Keep up the good work!!

  38. lucas says:

    When will the 64bit version of Windows 7?

  39. AngelicTears says:

    As we already have with copyright problems, i wont release any future driver version for the 32 bit until further notice, that said, 64 bit also will only be release when the 32 bit final have been release, please be patient and follow the blog for notice 🙂
    thanks for the support .

  40. lucas says:

    I look forward to some

  41. Chris says:

    I hope the XP version comes out. =D

    I’m not using any Windows higher than XP, XP and Linux is the only OS’s worth using. I’m not sure why anyone with a x3100 would use Vista/W7, it seems a bad choice for gaming. Would make more sense to be used on XP + the performance gain from the OS alone..

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  43. GrAybAcK says:

    @Angelic Tears
    Why is your sherry v1.2 doesn’t install the software. it says that this computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirement LoL???
    WIN 7 32-BIT
    p5kpl-am epu

    Thanks By the way….

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