16 September 2010 Update.

Happy Malaysia Day f0r who ever celebrating it ^^

First i am glad to announce that the V1.2 Sherry Driver is quite a success at rev 2 level and rev 3 development is undergo minor update with fix for some minor bug such as performance slow down on some games such as Counter Strike: Source and other games. So far, some games have major improvements such as Doom 3, and other ID games.

Also with the upcoming rev 3 of the V1.2 Sherry, which is maybe will be the RC of the V1.2, will include a fix and finally the compatibility for the GSE and GME chipsets of the 945. Release date will be approximately in a week time, so cross your fingers as this will sure bring revolution to another level.

Also rev 3 will provide the following features :

  • Improved Dynamic Memory Management
  • CPU SSE3 Threading will be improve
  • Minimize Driver Overhead for improved responce for both GDI and HAL interface

All that and much more after the rev 3 release.

Also the Developer Notes will be release for Technology Explaination and brief for any developers interested or curious on what’s make V1.2 Sherry improve gaming to a new level of “performance”.

till then, Have a great week and Cheers ^^

4 thoughts on “16 September 2010 Update.

  1. kidharlen says:

    great news! looking forward to this release as always!

  2. UncleFerassi says:

    Thanks for all of your work! Looking forward to the documentation and the RC!

  3. Phil says:


    i tried to install the driver on my dell d430, GMS945 Chipset. During installation it asked for a d3dx10_40.dll, which when pointing to this file in the “graphics” directory complained about other missing dlls and when pointing to the one in windows/system32 just froze the installation window.

    Could this be a compatibility issue? Or am i doing sth wrong?


  4. AngelicTears says:

    hmm, that’s new…can u give me the link which i download the driver…
    and can u list what files that gives missing error…?

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