New 9xxSSF site is up!

Our brother DanielPK had been working hard for the past couple of weeks to renew and improve the site of our beloved to a new level. More clean and amazing interface, social friendly site, blogs and much much more you have to head there for yourself!  Info of the 9xxssf Group can be found there also along side latest news on gaming, drivers and recent technology develop by us. User support team will also be there to provide major and minor FAQ about modded driver, recent driver release, gaming problem and etc in one single site. So head on to the site link below after finishing up your breakfast and register as member of the 9xxssf community as your dessert.

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3 thoughts on “New 9xxSSF site is up!

  1. DanielPK says:

    i don’t like desserts 😛 hahahah…thanx man! you’re writing style is quite funny, love it 🙂 …and thanx for the promotion…although things are fully functional, i can happily say we have our own social network…lol, its great! needs some more fixing up…but i hope it gets done before i get back to uni 🙂

  2. AngelicTears says:

    haha, thanks bro, i should thanks first for promoting this blog at ^^ funny? more like casual writing, lol, and im not good at writing, but hey, nothing lose on trying ^^
    keep on the hard work bro..cheers ^^

  3. tanmay says:

    hey guys i am new to this
    you r the only one wo cn hlp
    i have intel 945 1.5 gb ram 224 mb graphic in win7 is was able to run fifa11 with swiftshader thoug at low fps
    but nw i have xp it start and closes can u sugest wat 2 do.driver 4 xp or smthng

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