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25 October 2010 Updates : Good stuffs is coming!

Hi there!

Let’s start today’s updates with a celebration of  V1.2 Sherry Driver rev 2 hit 800 downloads to date. Which is an achievement to me since the last driver toped at 500 downloads. Aside from that, the never ending support from you guys keep me going to make better driver for all to enjoy. So Good Job everybody at and the 9xxssf Community Group also don’t forget you guys here who subscribe this blog for the support. Cheers!

Since the last introduction of the, the site have improved and until then it has become the only social site for the 9xxssf community, integrating chat features and profile, you can see updates from other 9xx users all over the community, good stuff indeed. What? you haven’t register there? What are you waiting for? Head down to this link and register ASAP, it’s good stuffs that never expired, not like those fast foods. Owh and say hi to every one there! ^^

9xxssf Social Site

9xxssf Social Site

For the past years we at the 9xxssf Community Group tried hard to satisfy our users, whether in terms of user support, development, and contribution, we all try harder each day to make your mobile life easier. Our group leader, Jose (aka MAD_BEAST) have release a set of polls to help us improve our contribution better in the future, it just takes seconds to answer each polls and on top of that it’s free! So help us so we can help you ^^. The polls can be found in this page (alternate 9xxssf page showing the polls click here) . It’s easy, the polls itself is for 3 years and above 🙂 .

It’s time for driver updates! As i told the 9xxssf Community Group ,the rev 3 of the V1.2 Sherry Driver is almost complete, mind that i will not release the driver until further notice, but I can tell you guys about the sneak peak of what’s going to be available for mobile 9xx gamers, and believe me, this is going to be a blast!

I’ve implemented new technology on the driver making it a total of literally 30 new features adding from the rev 2 V1.2 Sherry, making the rev 3 more flexible to system needs, giving users more control and performance at unbelievable stability. Some of the new features includes :

  • New bandwidth management to increase shared resource performance (shared VRAM and CPU power)
  • Improved Color translation making color more vivid on most systems.
  • Core Driver Code have been change slightly making it more lightweight for all netbooks and laptops models
  • 4 ways inf threading support for 945GM (all laptop models), 945G (all desktop variants), 945GME and 945GSE (including GMS variants)
  • More modder friendly inf for more power tweaking users
  • Bleeding-Edge setting included in the driver for power users to play with
  • that and much much more!

As a side note, I’m making my own simple poll to determine whether i should change the blog theme or not. Leave your suggestion below and i’ll pick which theme best according to users choice ^^ , so yeah, should i change or not? That is the question.

Well, that is for now, owh, if you guys happened to already register at the Social Site or still haven’t yet register (What? Go and register now! stubborn.) Post “9xxssf Rockz!” there letting know that you guys here support them ^^.

See ya again, till next time. Cheers!

14 October 2010 Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Since the last update, i have discovered some features to be use on today’s MD technology for the GMA. Unfortunately, there have been some unavoidable problem, and with regrets to announce that the release of the V1.2 MD rev 3 wil be postponed for certain reasons until further notice, for the good news, the development and research will be continue and posted here, all findings and breakthrough will be announce here.

Stay tuned for some other updates.