14 October 2010 Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a while. Since the last update, i have discovered some features to be use on today’s MD technology for the GMA. Unfortunately, there have been some unavoidable problem, and with regrets to announce that the release of the V1.2 MD rev 3 wil be postponed for certain reasons until further notice, for the good news, the development and research will be continue and posted here, all findings and breakthrough will be announce here.

Stay tuned for some other updates.

2 thoughts on “14 October 2010 Updates

  1. UncleFerassi says:

    Sorry about the obstacle concerning the driver, no worries though, I might be extremely anxious about the rev 3 but I believe I can hold it in ;). Keep up the good work and reward yourself, you deserve it.

  2. AngelicTears says:

    lol, thanks bro, i barely have time nowadays, yet i still want to do the best for this project ^^
    some of other users still pushed me over email saying that they want a dev stage driver to test drive, but still, i fear that the product is still unstable for user end. ^^
    but with the support, i do believe i can do better for u guys.

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