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Sherry 1.3 Development Updates

As we all know, Sherry 1.3 is fast approaching. In recent discussion with my friend TribalJet from the 9xxSSF community, there are some new features that need to be implemented, which is not in the original development plan. That said, it will not be certain that the driver release will be postpone or not, but I will try my best to make it in time.

Those new features includes :

  • Optimization for Flash Hardware Acceleration
  • Better HTML5 Optimization for both canvas and video
  • Better SSE3 support
Those are among the new/still in process development for Sherry 1.3.
Sherry 1.3 will be release 9 days from today, so bare with me hoping I can finish up in time. So please continue supporting the project, for a token of appreciation, please donate to the project, your contribution will be greatly appreciated and will get me going for more developments to come 🙂
Thanks in advance.

Update : Sherry 1.3 Win7 release date and FB Page!

Hi there. It’s been a long since I write so here’s some quick update for the week.

As all have been waiting, the Sherry 1.3 will be release this May, in detail, 31st May 2011. The release will only covering 6 versions overall of the 9xxSSF Sherry 1.3 Driver which is :

  • Sherry 1.3 for 945G, GM, GZ, GL and etc (generic) Chipsets (32bit)
  • Sherry 1.3 for 945GME/GSE Chipsets (32bit)
  • Sherry 1.3 for 965 (x3100) Chipsets (32bit)
  • Sherry 1.3 for 945G, GM, GZ, GL and etc (generic) Chipsets (64bit)
  • Sherry 1.3 for 945GME/GSE Chipsets (64bit)
  • Sherry 1.3 for 965 (x3100) Chipsets (64bit)
For other Sherry 1.3 projects which is not mentioned in the May release will be release hopefully in June 2011, the following projects are scheduled to release in June 2011:
  • Sherry 1.3 for GMA3100 (G31 Chipsets) both 32bit and 64bit
  • Sherry 1.3 for GMA3150 both 32bit and 64bit
  • Sherry 1.3 for Unix based OS
  • Sherry 1.3 for XP (for 945G and 945GME/GSE only) [ 32bit release only]
  • Tech Documentations (for users and developers, including tech notes and change logs)
  • Developers Documentations (for selected developers only)
Also, as some who have notice, the Sherry Driver already have a Facebook page, the page created for several reasons. Easier to connect with Sherry Driver users and also for easier bug reports. That said, any other issues such as game performance and which driver to use (for example) should only be posted in the the 9xxSSF Discussion Group or the 9xxSSF Facebook Group listed in the side bar on the right. For the Sherry Driver fan page, click here or click at the link at the sidebar again to the right.
That’s all for a quick updates, continuing to work with the Sherry 1.3 and studying for my exams 😦
Cheers 🙂