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Sherry 1.3 for x3100 (965) is here!, Update : Fixed available to download!

First of all, I would like to thank all who have supporting me throughout the project development till now. Special thanks to MAD_BEAST (awesome leader of the 9xxSSF community), TribalJet (awesome tech staff at 9xxSSF), NeoDragon (make Sherry 1.3 possible with proven test) and other friends at .

I would like to also apologize for any delays regarding to this release.

Sherry 1.3 features an optimized core for the 965 (x3100) based chipsets to support more better processing and capabilities without sacrificing stability. For full info about the Sherry 1.3 main core, click here . Below are the main features and changelog for the x3100 release.

  • Better openGL support up to OpenGL 2.0
  • Better Shader Model 2 rendering performance
  • Optimized WebGL acceleration to comply with 965 (x3100) capabilities
  • Better optimization and performance in AA (2x only)
  • Lighter core code compared to stock
NOTE : I do not have a x3100 system for testing, so for any feedbacks and bugs please report it here
Download link : Click here
Fixed driver download link : click here
Changelog :
  • Fixed Preemption codes
  • Disable XPModel Codes
Note: Please uninstall older driver first before installing the fix, this will ensure that the fix is fully applied and optimization of WinSAT will occur at first start up.
Thanks for users feedbacks 🙂

Giving support by Folding for 9xxSSF

In recent event, Sherry 1.3 has been quite successful for the 945 chipsets family, while other versions of chipsets is still under development, I will do all my best to finish it.

In regards, users of  Sherry drivers (the past release, current release and in the future) will have to Fold@Home for the 9xxSSF group folding team. This is mandatory for speeding up the team folding process. Folding@Home is a process where the software will use a tiny bit of your CPU to help protein process, in this terms virtual proteins, this simulated proteins will help and aid the learning process of proteins and how they evolve. By doing so, users will not just help the team, they will also aid the current work to prevent or cure such illness, for example cancer.

For those who can’t donate, they will be MANDATORY to Fold for the team for support. They are still time until all Sherry 1.3 versions are finish, so fold up now to obtain Work Unit point, users with at least 1 Work unit value will receive support for any problem that users will have using 9xxSSF driver. Folders with high work unit will also have updates, if any, for the current Sherry 1.3 driver.

For info users can find it here or read below

Folding@home is a beautiful project which consists on contributing on
scientific researches with the power of your CPU/GPU, by contributing
medical researches will be developed faster, this is a network with
the mission of gathering data, information and results from the
calculations and by the sum of the calculations from all of the
computers from all around the world, Stanford university uses that
power to process the required information in order to deploy that
processing power on their medical researches.

The number of the 9xxssf team is: 199047

-posted by MAD_BEAST-

How to set up F@H for 9xxSSF team

  • Install the Folding@Home client from here
  • After installation, run the Folding@Home client, run as admnistrator maybe required.
  • They will be a single F@H client logo in the system tray, right click it
  • Find configure and click it to bring out the control panel, for first time users, this control panel will show up on first run.
  • Under the user tab, insert your username, be sure to use name that can be recognize in Facebook page, this blog and the 9xxSSF forums.
  • Insert the number 199047 in the team number.
  • And click ok, walla, it is done 🙂
in the future, any support will be prioritize to users with at least 1 Work Unit, other users will have to wait.
Best regards and cheers 🙂 Angelictears

Sherry 1.3 for X3100 and GMA3150 delayed, other plan ahead

Unfortunately as you all noticed, the release of the X3100 and GMA3150 versions of the Sherry 1.3 will be delayed, under circumstances that some bugs need to be fix on some X3100 device id, GMA3150 will also have a core revamp to maintain stability while providing performance boost. Nevertheless, I’d rather release a fully working driver rather than a hasten project release. Sherry drivers series as always prioritize quality and stability for overall platform. Estimated time for release will be in 12 -13 June (hopefully) Malaysian Time (GMT+8), it is also unfortunate to mention that in 13 June, I will be resuming my semester in college, so development will be slow for a while. 😦

That said, it is pleased to say that the fix for Embedded version of the Sherry 1.3 (for GME/GSE 945 family) is going well, it turns out that the newer Sherry 1.3 core is not compatible with the Embedded chipsets, that said, I have to rewritten a better code for it. While with a modified core, the Sherry 1.3 for the GME/GSE/Embedded chipsets will include all features that mentioned in the original mainstream version of Sherry 1.3.

The Unix/Linux drivers will be an open source project, that said, I will specially concentrate on that project for a while after all 32bit and 64bit versions of XP and windows 7 drivers are finish. The Unix drivers for intel chipsets will improve performance hopefully for MacOSX (port required) and all major Linux distribution (although my testing platform will be Ubuntu/Debian based Distro).


Best regards, Angelictears.

Update : GMA x3100 and 3150 ready in 11 June

Sorry for the lack of info recently, for those who already know, I am busy fixing the GME/GSE versions where there are certain bug which causing installation problem. Most of it are installer problem, so it will be finish until further notification.

For now, the 965 (x3100) and the GMA 3150, both respectfully drivers will be ready in 11 June, nevertheless the release for that day will be for 32bit only. As you all know, I am a student, so managing time between getting ready for my next semester and making these drivers are infact kind of challaging for me. So I hope with the update notification, users will be notified instead asking any other source out there 🙂

For those who’d like to contribute to the project, please post your device id in this comment or  in our forums, detail on how to do so can be found here .

Users can also show a token of appreciation by donating to the cause and keeping this blog running for more info in the future by clicking on the donation button top-right of this blog 🙂

Cheers and take care.