Sherry 1.3 for 945GME/GSE (netbook support) released!

Whew, it’s been a long day. So I manage to finish up the Sherry 1.3  945GME/GSE driver (1990.

Along with the 945 version, Sherry 1.3 for 945GME/GSE are also released! It will also support most of the features put into the mainstream 945 version, and as well fix most of the flickering issues that GME/GSE users suffered from. Better speed and in theory boost OpenGL and WebGL performance capabilities for GME/GSE users.

The 945GSE/GME, also well known for embedded 945 graphics, consist of low profile accelerator, that said, Sherry 1.3 will provide better power saving features without sacrificing performance. In theory, it will also improve almost all DirectX issues, better software vertex rendering and better game support.

Please note that I don’t have a GME/GSE system, so no testing have been done, any report or issues can be reported at the links listed below.

For full features of Sherry 1.3, visit here for info. (facebook page) (forums and support)

Download it Here

46 thoughts on “Sherry 1.3 for 945GME/GSE (netbook support) released!

  1. Ohh Wink' says:

    Angelictears, When I ever see you. I want to give you big kiss in the lips ❤ Thank you. I can finally play old games on my laptop smoothly!!!

  2. Ric says:

    Was trying to test on windows xp, but not working.

  3. poji94 says:

    Salam,btul ke ni org malaysia? Hehe. First of all,thx coz susah2 siapkn driver ni. Soaln sya, apa beza driver ni dgn driver yg en post lg satu(generic dgn gme/gse)?

    • AngelicTears says:

      Walaikumsalam 🙂
      yup, orang malaysia, asal kota kinabalu. 🙂
      beza driver ni ngan yg generic cuma driver ni untuk 945GME/GSE saja, if users dpt pkai Sherry 1.2 dulu, then poji boleh pkai Sherry 1.3 generic.
      945GME/GSE ni untuk users netbook dan certain2 notebook yg guna 945GME/GSE (Embedded graphics), chipset tu ada problem ngan generic version so driver ni untuk chipset GME/GSE la 🙂

  4. Chris M. says:

    Few quick questions. I’ve installed this on my laptop (HP Pavilion DV2415US) and things seem to run slower than before, windows 7 is no longer running in aero even after 2 windows evaluations, some games that ran fine before are now crashing entirely on startup. I installed the plain Sherry 945. Kind of confused at the difference between that and the GME/GSE one. Feeling like I may have installed the wrong one but I can’t tell and I don’t want to screw around with the drivers too much. I guess I’m just wondering why this all might be.

    • Chris M. says:

      As a followup, running several programs causes igdkmd32.sys to bluescreen. I’m reverting to 1.2 Sherry until things are sorted out 😦

      • Chris M. says:

        Now my computer isn’t working properly even when I install the previous drivers. I tried the GME ones which wouldn’t even run so I guess I got the “right” ones from the start. This is just ridiculous because I can’t use my computer for ANYTHING now. It’s god awful slow and bluescreens when I run half my programs. I’m doing anything and everything to fix it and I DESPERATELY need this computer to be working.

      • AngelicTears says:

        first os all, thanks for the feedbacks bro, may i know the full spec of ur system?
        because the GME/GSE versions are for netbooks and “some laptops” only. This driver is for some users with GME/GSE who cant use Sherry 1.2 because of the flicker issue and such problem.
        If u can use Sherry 1.2, then u can use Sherry 1.3 for 945 which is in another post here

        if everything fails, uninstall the current driver until it is back to stock or just simply use system restore to revert your system and try installing the 945 version and not the 945GME/GSE.

      • oisdlfkjslkj says:

        Chris, if you are really desperate to get your computer working again, you can always go back to standard intel drivers, right? not desirable, lol, but an option.

  5. Dante says:

    I cant install on my acer aspire one 150 isn not work 😦 so im need modific the . Inf like sherry 1.2?????? Help

  6. Yea_you_know_what_it_is says:

    OMG, no information of any OTHER gma’s? 3159?!

  7. Christopher Bowman says:

    Doesn’t work for me on windows 7. Manual install gives bluescreen and installer says “File copying was not sucessful.” Is it a vista only driver?

  8. 3150 says:

    Well, it is June. Hopefully, he’s gonna make the 3150 driver so I can play crysis on my netbook.

  9. Chris M. says:

    I ended up formatting because the problems persisted even with a full driver uninstall. Tried 1.2, tried stock. Issue persisted. Went back to 1.2 after a format which was in dire need anyway. Sorry for the freakout, I just really really need this computer to be working properly as my better desktop is currently out of commission. It’s an HP Pavilion DV2415US. Core Duo T2450 @ 2ghz, 3gb DDR2 ram, 160gb 5400rpm HDD and, as I’ve discovered definitively through this experience, Intel 945 chipset with GMA 950 integrated graphics. Not the netbook/some laptops version afterall. Not that I had that version installed. Just letting you know now some people might have MAJOR issues with 1.3.

  10. 3150 says:

    hi i have a netbook with windows 7 and 1gb ram. when will the gma 3150 have these drivers to play games like crysis. my parents wont buy me a bigger computer with better graphics so if these dont work im screwed

    • Chris M. says:

      At best you might get a couple of frames per second. Crysis still has a very poorly optimized engine. Even on the lowest settings, these drivers won’t work a miracle, sorry to say.

    • Chris M. says:

      It REALLY helps to read.. To quote from a post about 2 weeks ago on this same wordpress page:

      For other Sherry 1.3 projects which is not mentioned in the May release will be release hopefully in June 2011, the following projects are scheduled to release in June 2011:

      Sherry 1.3 for GMA3100 (G31 Chipsets) both 32bit and 64bit
      Sherry 1.3 for GMA3150 both 32bit and 64bit

  11. joined says:

    GMA 965?? the driver???

  12. anthony says:

    im look for the xp drivers 32bit can some one help

  13. HOLY_INF_FILE_LOL says:

    Hey, sorry I can’t donate I’m the one who said I was going too. But, then again. Anyway, since its june I’ve seen rumors for intel GMA 3150 drivers 6/6/11, but I’ve modified the inf for the sherry 1.3 current ones to install on the 3150. Direct draw and everything works. So does this mean I can use these or do you just suggest that I wait till your REAL drivers come out? 😦

  14. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    no need to sh*t brix over the late 965 driver, guys. intel hasn’t updated the 965 driver in over a year. we can certainly wait a few more days 🙂

  15. 965 says:

    I dont really understand if this supports 965 or not can someone clear it up for me plz becouse the download have a folder named “vbios_gm965” whats that? and if it supports 965 can u tell me how to install it thx.

  16. 3150 says:

    IM DONE WITH THIS SHIT! dont get me wrong this guy is awesome, BUT OMG SOME DAMN ANSWERS WILL BE GREAT!!!!!! IVE POSTED LIKE 60 DAMN TIMES! I mean I’ve given this guy LITERAL support in my blog YouTube and shit! Now all I want is the answer of WILL THE FREAKING 3150 driver be here THIS JUNE for sure!!!! I WANNA KNOW SO I CAN DONATE OR JUST WASTE MY MONEY ON ACOHOL! Please reply. Danke have great day. ❤

    • Chris M. says:

      For fuck’s sake learn to read replies to your own god damn comments.. I ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION. Chill the fuck out.

    • AngelicTears says:

      well, today’s 5th june still, I wont give any official statement on when it will come out. but I do think it will be finish in 6 to 10th June so please be patient, I still havent release the 965 version, let alone finishing up 3150. 😦

      And speaking of donations, I wont force, but it is pleasing to see someone donating to show a token of appreciation, but, saying that, I never received much, only a little, not complaining but yeah I am doing my best here. Please be patient and keep up to date to this blog. I will notify it here for release updates.

  17. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    lol! poor guy.

    I would also like an official estimate on when the other drivers will be ready. Don’t rush them or anything. I’m just curious how long you think it will take.

  18. max says:

    asus 1001h sherry 1.3 for gme/gse i get a bsod in manual installation mode…
    automatic installer freeze…
    1.3 generic work but i get freeze problem….
    gse/gme fix is on the road?

  19. mark says:

    acer apire one aoa 150 netbook, netbook driver won’t load for gse, but generic driver for 945 will but cause computer netbook to run slower, any fixes coming up for this? thanks
    marky 🙂

  20. drowningfish says:

    When I install this, I got an error saying “File Copying was not successful, Setup will exit”.
    And when installing it using the .inf method, I get a blue screen and I can’t boot up my laptop again unless in safe. And fix for this?

    Intel Atom N280 @ 1.66Ghz
    Intel 945 GME Device ID: 27AE
    1GB RAM

    It’s an MSI Wind U100 netbook

  21. 4500intelx says:

    is it safe

    • AngelicTears says:

      yes, but on some systems that have problem, the problem can be easily solve by uninstalling Sherry Driver and reinstall stock drivers. Always do a System restore point before any process regarding system changes. 😀

  22. Wasaki says:

    Unbelievable! I thought, there won’t be much increase performance in Deus Ex. It’s was already playable, but now with 1.3 driver….. it’s amazing, now I can see more increase in performance…. it runs so smooth as the way I have wanted!

    AngelicTears, you are truly amazing. You unleashed every power from the GMA 945 chipset.
    Thank you!

    • AngelicTears says:

      Thank you for the support 😀 Every happy user make me happy as well 😀
      Don’t forget to show your appreciation to the project by folding for the 9xxSSF team or you can donate to keep the project alive 🙂

  23. Artur says:

    where i can download this driver?

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