Sherry 1.3 for Intel 945 Graphics released!

As we all know, it’s 31st May 2011, as I said, i will do all I can to make it on time, although it’s a little late, but it’s still 31st May 🙂

First of all, there are several notifications that had to be made. In future reverence, all my project name will be referred as Sherry x.x, where “x” is version numbers, the “V” that’s used in previous release like Sherry V1.2 will not be use anymore, so if there are some say that they have some Sherry V1.4 or bla3x, then you’ll know it’s a fake.

Secondly, starting from Sherry 1.3, all the future release will be minor release in terms of bugfixes and features add-on. For example, if there are bugs that have been fix, the fix will be release in format of Sherry 1.3.x, where “x” will be the build number. Any major release will be notice also but I’ll doubt I’ll do anything major after this.

Also, unfortunately for today, only 945 (G,GM,GL,GZ and etc, mainstream GMA950) 32bit  version will be release, other planned version that should release today will be postponed to 1st or 2nd June 2011, that includes Sherry 1.3 for 965 (32bit and 64bit) and Sherry 1.3 for 945 (64bit). Sorry for the inconvenience, but minor testing required for the versions mentioned.

Please note that Sherry 1.3 will not enable users to play Call of Duty 4, and I know, as I also disappointed by that but Intel admit that GMA950 does not support vertex shader 3, as it said here. So I will look for another way to enable pure Vertex Shader emulation later on.

That said, let’s go on with the release information.

Sherry 1.3 for intel 945 (build 1990.

A special thanks for MAD_BEAST (Jose), DanielPK, KingPin, Tribaljet, Espionage, NeoDragon, Haze and everyone that support my work since the beginning. Also thanks to the 9xxSSF community for all the support and feedbacks. With out them, today would be just an empty day 😛

What’s new in Sherry 1.3

  • Improve OpenGL performance
  • Improve Software vertex compatibility and performance
  • Improve DirectDraw compatibility and performance
  • Fix several stability issue
  • CPU regulation (for software vertex)
  • Better Color Reproduction (may vary from display types and monitor)
  • Increased performance 150% compared to Sherry 1.2
  • Better memory management
  • Avalon.reg Compatible
  • Better Aero Performance
  • Better Desktop Window Manager performance
  • CPU Web acceleration (WebGL) for firefox and Chrome
  • Better management for low-end CPUs
  • Control Panel fix
  • Power Saving Features fixed
  • Better power usage and saving in idle or low workload
  • HTML5 canvas and video acceleration (vary from browser used)
  • Better support for Virtual Machine (Graphics Acceleration) (tested on VirtualBox)
  • Pixel Shader performance increased
  • Better Video playback quality
  • Better display quality for LCD/FlatPanel
  • improved codes for ig4icd.dll
  • More game compatibility
  • Random flicker issue fix for several games, mostly Source engine based
  • Snappier Windows experience
  • Massage Signalled Interupt limit increased to 1024
  • Hardware Flash Acceleration
New features :
WebGL improvements, compared to Sherry 1.2, Sherry 1.3 are more web and browser friendly, providing better support for WebGL acceleration. In comparison, Sherry 1.2 gives out at max 2fps in WebGL aquarium  while Sherry 1.3 gives out a staggering 13fps to 20fps max.
On top of that, Sherry 1.3 provides better power saving features that will make laptops based system work longer and better under battery powered. The extra power features has been added to the core codes so the features will work automatically under Windows 7 power setting in power saver mode.
Other than that, the Sherry 1.3 will introduce a new updated core. Different from the 1.2, Sherry 1.3 core will not only improved gaming performance, but will also improved windows rendering, multimedia decoding and also web acceleration for overall better experience in mobile graphics. Download link below
for further info, please visits links below.

77 thoughts on “Sherry 1.3 for Intel 945 Graphics released!

  1. kutysam says:

    Thank you! You are really amazing at your work..

  2. dhiman33 says:

    Hurraahhh…gr8 bro 🙂 Expecting gr8 things from this new release 🙂

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  4. joined says:

    i need x3100 driver! 😀

  5. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    awesome!! 🙂

    I want the x3100 driver too. I can wait a few days, though! 🙂

  6. AngelicTears says:

    Thanks for the support guys, i’ll be sure to work on it tomorrow 🙂

  7. Zach says:

    I have tons of friends with the x3100 version and we are all waiting for this release!
    Thank you very much we love your work!

  8. Daniel says:

    Awesome! Thank you very very much! I’ll try it NOW on my D620 🙂

  9. DreD says:

    Way to go man! will start testing right away!

  10. rio says:

    wow man awsomeeeeeeeeeeeee release……i hope your x3100 wil enrich our gaming experience to entry level discreete gfx lol….. will hold my breath for the next two days until it comes…tc

  11. dhiman33 says:

    OMG! I’m so disappointed to see that the white hair problem in ashes cricket 2009 demo persists!! So it can’t be solved,angelic? 😦

    • AngelicTears says:

      I am truthfully sorry for that bro 😦
      The issue with white hair are almost identical with white hair problem for Blackshot.
      In my laptop for example, the white hair persist but performance went up when i’m testing.
      So yeah, i will try and fix those problems and some minor issue on future release.

      again i am very 1000x sorry and will try to fix it as soon as i can 😦

  12. tX says:

    Mediafire is giving a lot of troubles in downloading.. 😦 But great work nonetheless..! 🙂

  13. tX says:

    😦 It seems that Intel Display Management Tool doesn’t recognize my gpu as intel with sherry 1.3 . And Nfs carbon performance went down, previously i was using Alpha 1×32 drivers.. 😦

  14. AngelicTears says:

    Intel Display Management tool is almost outdated in 9xxSSF,
    We have our own home made app called IGRM or Intel GMA Registry Modder.

    you can read more info on it here

    also Sherry drivers will only support IGRM, Intel Display Management tool are for intel stock driver only.

  15. poji94 says:

    salam…nak tnya sikit…kenapa saya main game (cth: cs:s), awl2 fps ok la (dlm 15-42) tp lps beberapa minit kemudian fps jatuh ke 4-9….kenapa?

    • poji94 says:

      fyi, ni spec saya n detail tntg lappy sya:
      -intel celeron M 1.6Ghz
      -1Gb DDRII RAM
      -Win7u 32 bit
      -gna tune up turbo (free memory 5xxMb)

      • AngelicTears says:

        maybe psal CPU, psal driver ni gunakan CPU untuk tolong process graphic. Kebanyakan performance increase pun sbab user ada dual core. pa2 pun poji boleh try tambah RAM, cara terbaik untuk increase fps, ?HDD read pagefile pun kadang2 bleh drop fps.

      • poji94 says:

        ada x cara utk up clock to 400MHz?? I mean permament and selain drpda gna GMA booster. dan ada x cara untuk expand VRAM??? mungkin harap2 en dapat buat bnda2 ni utk driver akan datang…hehe 😀

  16. Poji94 says:

    Kalau gna ready boost bule bntu ka? Sbb mahu cri ram skang ni susah + mahal (DDR2).

    • AngelicTears says:

      Boleh, tp untuk tlg game process ja, untuk Sherry 1.3 optimize abis, perlu guna 2gb RAM, tp x risau 🙂 Sherry 1.3 pun automatic optimize untuk system ngan 1GB ke atas 🙂

      • poji94 says:

        owhhh…ok. ada x soft yg bule bwt sebagai vitual memory selain ready boost. sbb saya nk test gna hdd. lebih cpt berbanding pendrive (NTFS kan )

      • AngelicTears says:

        hmm, stakat ni xda, ReadyBoost cuma bleh gantikan pagefile ja, utk cache dan sbgainya. Stakat ni, HDD kebanyakannya lebih slow dari pendrive, memang dari benchmark HDD lagi laju, tp HDD gak kna guna oleh OS utk load data dan sbagainya, so PenDrive in theory lebih laju. If poji ada pendrive ngan ReadyBoost ready, bleh gunakan untuk increase performance skit. 🙂

  17. anthony says:

    i can not find the xp drivers

    • AngelicTears says:

      for now XP drivers are still under development, I have to finish up most of windows 7 drivers first (both 32bit and 64bit), until that’s finish, i wont start on XP project.

  18. anthony says:

    gutted ,i got a laptop the other day wiv intel 945 expresss in side ,brought a few games the other day and their never worked cuz of this intel card , ive got 2 comps the other is for recording music,brought the laptop for games and the net . the game thing im kind of new 2 me being playing xbox 360 for a time , one day took note pc games are bettter and now ya can run wiv a 360 controller ,which is bliss, then i ran in too this intel promblem , i dont want too b stuck too a desk top all the time but ,i have no promblems wiv the other 12 gig monster quard runing games which i dont want too use for games , i want too use this laptop wiv 945 intel after diging down the net i found this web page and i like wat you and your crew are doing cuz i was about too give up , all i want too know is have you got xp driver plzzzzzzz

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hey there 🙂
      XP drivers are still under development, for now my prioritize is windows 7 first, if all goes well, i will develop the XP drivers as soon as i can 🙂

      • anthony says:

        thanks man im going share your links on
        my facebook ,if thats ok,,you made my day , great work , love it

  19. Jimmy says:

    hi i was so happy with this modded driver release sherry 1.3 but it makes me some problems my laptop is a acer 5710z it had

    2 gigas ram

    when i play world of warcraft some times give me a problem the display turn in black and says the video driver has stopped working and has recovered and do it agan and again and my laptop freezez could you helpme did i something wrong? please i appreciate a answer

  20. quirK says:

    Hi AngelicTears, can you provide more details on the power-saving features? Is the performance of graphics applications decreased when power saver mode is used? Should I use Balanced mode when the laptop is plugged into the mains?

    • AngelicTears says:

      The power-saving features will be activate automatically in power saver mode in windows 7 if only the power features are activated in the control panel. You can enable it in the Control panel applet.
      As for ur 2nd question, yes, the power saving features will infact reduce performance by 30%, which is enough to prolong battery life about 50%, and is enough for browsing and making simple task, if you are connected with Main AC power, it is better to set Balanced mode or High Performance mode while gaming or doing heavy task 🙂

  21. stryver says:

    Wonder if what the Sherry 1.4 improvements will include?

    Will it enable AntiAliasing or else?

  22. Nobody says:

    Great my Windows Index raise for Aero raise from 2,0 to 2,1 🙂

  23. niko says:

    hey angelictears,
    i had this problem to discuss.
    whenever i play left4dead or left4dead2 after installing sherry 1.3, i get the following video tearing and glitches.
    (P.S. those games work fine without any video problems on the stock Intel 945 drivers)

    weird textures, no weapons in hands being displayed:

    teammates not being displayed:


    direct aiming at a teammate shows his/her face/body on a completely different plane in the X-Y-Z:

    pistol, before firing (this is black outline of the gun is visible if u view in a certain direction):

    pistol, during firing:

    and I’ve downloaded l4d2 from two different sources, ripped from two different teams.
    plus these games don’t have the above mentioned glitches while playing on the stock Intel drivers

    • AngelicTears says:

      The problem is common when using any mod driver from 9xxSSF, mine included,
      search for more information, basically try disabling the software vertex for that game and the glitch will be gone in expense of performance.
      The new source engine is mainly the cause so it can’t be help it as the game needs hardware vertex to work properly

      you can ask any question at , don’t forget to mention your system spec first, forum policy 🙂

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  25. worried says:

    hey bro when is the gma 3150 driver coming, so excited for that one.

    just a question man. do you think you can ever make 3150 emulate shader model 3.0 or 4.0?
    your work is great bro!

    • AngelicTears says:

      Simply put no. As Shader Model is a hardware limited features. GMA3150, like other variants of intel chipsets, only have shader model 2 support.
      But I do trying hard to improve the performance of each aspect of the SM2 processing capabilities.

      • worried says:

        oh ok. to be more specific can you like make that 3150 run a game like nfs hot pursuit which requires shader model 3 without the help of swiftshader.

        btw thanks again.

      • AngelicTears says:

        Hmm, first off all, the 3150 question should be posted at the 3150 post.
        For the question, yes, for hardware limitation, there is no way that a device is will support SM3 if the hardware is self is the limit.
        Also for SM3 to work flawlessly, it needs several shader pipelines to work, although GMA3150 have only 2, even though it can support SM3, it will be crawling begging for more power with its chipsets.

        Bottomline, there is no way to by pass hardware limitation. GMA3150 how ever supports SM2 natively.

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  27. same for counter strike source. Tearing issue

  28. jaara says:

    Looking forward for the 64 bit release!

  29. psyalemao says:

    Me too waiting for the 64-bit release ansiously!! 🙂

  30. cant wait says:

    any idea when the xp might be done around ?

  31. Rob D says:

    64 bit would be fantastic, as i used on 32 bit and got great results – upraded to 64 bit and no support as of yet

  32. Why I can’t play PES 2011? it says i have only 64 MB Video Memory. 😦
    before I installed your driver, I used the modded driver, and The game detect I have 192 MB Video Memory, and I can play with 800×600 with medium settings..
    My Spec:
    Intel Core2Duo T5870 @ 2GHz
    3GB RAM
    Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family / Intel X3100
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit sp1


  33. raja culik says:

    You`re the Man!

  34. Sonic0509 says:

    Are those drivers supposed to make my netbook SUPER-slow?

  35. ianarchy says:

    Hey, I was wondering if this worked for Runescape, I was looking for modded drivers and stumbled upon this site. At a crowded place called the G.E I only get about 9 fps max on a less crowded world. I have an acer aspire one with the latest fix installed. Please reply if you have any solution. Thanks! 🙂

  36. eliecermt says:

    64 bits version? :S please i want to have sherrys mod

  37. Dani says: can I install it on G31 / GMA 3100 ? I was told to ask for advice on this forum…please help me.
    Thanks in advance

  38. NetBook Gamer says:

    can i use x3100 driver to gma 3150?

  39. Samuel Lopez says:

    Hi,i have a problem while i’m playing a game in full scree it only show the middle of the screen,like im playing in widowed mode but with the other part of the screen is black help me please this dont hapened with 1.2 version

  40. adewale says:

    Thanks for all of the work you’ve been putting into these drivers that intel had screwed up on. You are great and i hope all is well. Recently i have upgraded my computer to a 64 bit windows 7 os and i am anxiously waiting on the 64 bit driver. Hope it will be here in time for Christmas becasue that would make an amazing gift :D. Hope all is well with you and your studies Angelic.

  41. iinadir says:

    i just installed sherry 1.3 and i have pixelshader 2.0 and vertexshader 0.0 dont really get my problem Oo !
    i have the GMa3100 win7 ultimate 32bits

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  43. ahmad says:

    selamat pagi malaysia,, boleh tak saya gunakan untuk intel gma 3150.. emm,, lagi satu,, boleh tolong buatkan tutorial tak …

  44. mamix says:

    hi, i have a problem when I install this software.
    emerged amid the post

    “has not passed Windows logo testing to verify compatibility with windows xp. (tell me why this testing is important)

    continue with the installation of this software may interfere with or disrupt the proper operation of the pointing system either immediately or in the future.
    Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop this installation now and contact your hardware vendor for software that has passed Windows logo testing”

    – Continue anyway
    – Stopping the installation

    My Spec:
    Intel @ 1.8GHz
    1GB RAM
    Intel GMA 950 128MB
    Windows XP sp2 32x

    please answer… thx

  45. disipador says:

    Estos drivers funcionan con xp y en el pes 6 para que le salga el menu, gracias

  46. Hisyam says:

    not work on my netbook…:( my netbook is LENOVO S10-3 Windows 7

  47. lexster says:

    where is the link for windows xp?

  48. can i play pes 2012 with sherry 1.3 modded driver ?

  49. kok saya pake software Sherry 1.3 For intel 945 series untuk pes 6 malah tambah parah,jadi ga ada tulisannya sama sekali. Blackscreen total.*

  50. pablo says:

    I need sherry 1.3 for intel gma 3159 , but for windows 7 64 bit , no 32 bit.

  51. Scarfaced_gamer says:

    We need a link for windows XP!!!
    OH pretty please with cherries, strawberries and everything you like on top!!! 🙂 🙂
    Seriously now, it would be really cool if you’d help us 🙂

  52. Ikhwan1998 says:

    salam nk tanya,lpas dlond nk wat pa?

  53. ALOK RAJ says:

    which modded driver am i suppose to install for a g33/g31 gma
    3100 for windows 7 32?

  54. Rishabh says:

    Please help me i can not install sherry1.3 in my intel GMA 3100 plaeseeeee

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