Update : GMA x3100 and 3150 ready in 11 June

Sorry for the lack of info recently, for those who already know, I am busy fixing the GME/GSE versions where there are certain bug which causing installation problem. Most of it are installer problem, so it will be finish until further notification.

For now, the 965 (x3100) and the GMA 3150, both respectfully drivers will be ready in 11 June, nevertheless the release for that day will be for 32bit only. As you all know, I am a student, so managing time between getting ready for my next semester and making these drivers are infact kind of challaging for me. So I hope with the update notification, users will be notified instead asking any other source out there 🙂

For those who’d like to contribute to the project, please post your device id in this comment or  in our forums, detail on how to do so can be found here .

Users can also show a token of appreciation by donating to the cause and keeping this blog running for more info in the future by clicking on the donation button top-right of this blog 🙂

Cheers and take care.

17 thoughts on “Update : GMA x3100 and 3150 ready in 11 June

  1. 3150 says:

    GAFJSVABAHAJDVAJABAJVSVAHV!!!! Sorry I’m trying to get the jizz of my iPhone!!!!!! I LOVE YOU OMG MAYBE I’LL BE ABLE TO PLAY MINECRAFT AFTERALL!!!!! okay, I’m taking my pants off now if you give me your phone I’ll come to your house and please you by far (no homo)

  2. Alex Pizarro says:

    im intrigued,

  3. Frozenlord says:

    Hi there,

    My hardware ID is 2A02 and I’m on Windows 7 x64.
    Could you please give a rough estimation on when to expect x64 drivers for the X3100?

    Best regards 😉

  4. Shad says:

    Where can I find hardware ID?

  5. joined says:


  6. Justtry Into Help says:

    I was kinda wondering how our hardware ids help but ill do it anyways

    according to GPU-Z
    my device id is

    This is a GMAx3100 running on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

  7. Kypsis says:

    Hey, once you solve the issues with gme/gse us netbook crowd will build you a temple…

  8. Helpar says:

    Hope soon to be release the window Xp version 😉

  9. Nathan says:

    Wow what a great development inspite of short time!! btw, how about the development for gma 3100 drivers? is it the same for GMA 3150 drivers??? im still confused if it is compatible or not to other drivers. Thanks

  10. NetTop says:

    I cannot donate. (I’m the guy who said I would when you told me specific date.”) As I been in ER with gall bladder problems.

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