Giving support by Folding for 9xxSSF

In recent event, Sherry 1.3 has been quite successful for the 945 chipsets family, while other versions of chipsets is still under development, I will do all my best to finish it.

In regards, users of  Sherry drivers (the past release, current release and in the future) will have to Fold@Home for the 9xxSSF group folding team. This is mandatory for speeding up the team folding process. Folding@Home is a process where the software will use a tiny bit of your CPU to help protein process, in this terms virtual proteins, this simulated proteins will help and aid the learning process of proteins and how they evolve. By doing so, users will not just help the team, they will also aid the current work to prevent or cure such illness, for example cancer.

For those who can’t donate, they will be MANDATORY to Fold for the team for support. They are still time until all Sherry 1.3 versions are finish, so fold up now to obtain Work Unit point, users with at least 1 Work unit value will receive support for any problem that users will have using 9xxSSF driver. Folders with high work unit will also have updates, if any, for the current Sherry 1.3 driver.

For info users can find it here or read below

Folding@home is a beautiful project which consists on contributing on
scientific researches with the power of your CPU/GPU, by contributing
medical researches will be developed faster, this is a network with
the mission of gathering data, information and results from the
calculations and by the sum of the calculations from all of the
computers from all around the world, Stanford university uses that
power to process the required information in order to deploy that
processing power on their medical researches.

The number of the 9xxssf team is: 199047

-posted by MAD_BEAST-

How to set up F@H for 9xxSSF team

  • Install the Folding@Home client from here
  • After installation, run the Folding@Home client, run as admnistrator maybe required.
  • They will be a single F@H client logo in the system tray, right click it
  • Find configure and click it to bring out the control panel, for first time users, this control panel will show up on first run.
  • Under the user tab, insert your username, be sure to use name that can be recognize in Facebook page, this blog and the 9xxSSF forums.
  • Insert the number 199047 in the team number.
  • And click ok, walla, it is done 🙂
in the future, any support will be prioritize to users with at least 1 Work Unit, other users will have to wait.
Best regards and cheers 🙂 Angelictears

35 thoughts on “Giving support by Folding for 9xxSSF

  1. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    well as much as this sucks…it’s also kind of cool 🙂

  2. tribaljet says:

    It’s only fair to give back something in return for all the things that Intel IGP users have had access to.

  3. joined says:

    this is so cool! 😀

  4. stucaz says:

    do cazz stann li driver per gse/gme ….

  5. iceykitsune says:

    This is a BAD idea. you will lose many users because the kinds of computers that need your drivers, are not that good at Folding@Home.

    • AngelicTears says:

      Well, i won’t say it’s a bad idea, at least for me.
      Mind that users will only need 1Work Unit for support, even on Atom CPUs, users can get at least 1WU per 12hours. and that can be done well at least not 24hours but, can be done overnight when sleeping, or idling.
      Nevertheless, users can choose to contribute by continuing to fold after at least 1WU, or stop at that and can continue anytime on any machine they want. No force bro 😀

      • Frozenlord says:

        I’m not too sure about that 1 WU…
        I’ve let my PC run F@H straight for 1 day and it’s about 70/250 of the first unit.
        So no, it will take longer on an Atom (I’m on a C2D U7600) but should still be manageable if you decide not to donate 😉

      • Kypsis says:

        Current Work Unit
        Name: Gromacs
        Tag: –
        Download time: June 12 12:04:48
        Due time: July 1 12:04:48
        Progress: 1% [__________]


        1st of july to get that mythical first work unit…

      • oisdlfkjslkj says:

        just throwing it out there…a bad video card is NOT the same as a weak computer. My computer is a beast, aside from the integrated graphics :-/

  6. Nathan says:

    Folding, its not working on me, whenever I clicked display it crashes. (already run @ admin privileges and reinstall already. Ive inputted correct team number and also with working internet connection)

    • Frozenlord says:

      Displaying is just for fun – you only need it to calculate in the background.
      If you hover over the traybar icon it should say something like “CPU – F@H: Working (something / some more)”. If that displays, then it’s working

  7. stryver says:

    Seems that the display viewer just to show the creation of the proteins, a.k.a. just for fun though will be great if I can see that, nevertheless mine’s working.

    my f@h nickname : stryver

  8. GOSH says:


    • AngelicTears says:

      I do sorry, but I never seen any comment posted with the name GOSH. So yeah, I do sorry if i missed any of ur comments with other name.
      As for your question, err. What is your question again?

      Owh and about my college, the college has denied my re-registration, so yeah, basically i have a rough week ahead, either I thrown out from college or I try my best to stay.
      Nevertheless, please be patient.

      • GOSH says:

        So I guess I shouldn’t expect 3150 drivers?

      • AngelicTears says:

        Again, all the project listed will be done eventually, including GMA3150, nevertheless, this week do put a halt in everything I do. Luckily I’ve manage to settled it though by resitting some of my failed subjects 😦
        So yeah, I will continue making the driver before my class starts next week.

      • Frozenlord says:

        Ouch that doesn’t sound too good…
        I wish you the best of luck with re-registering at your university!

      • AngelicTears says:

        Thanks 😀
        Well, it’s my fault actually, face palm for me cause I’m not the attentive student of all time 😛
        Owh well, at least I’m gonna try to be at class everytime for semesters to come 🙂

  9. matniky says:

    i did use a similar program before with my laptops, and had so many points/score… now i guess ill use this instead ^^ . watch our points go up.. (feel the power of a IBM!) .. anyway angelic i have a isue with my friends laptop, his screen was broken so i used a screen from a older model laptop with the same specs of his lcd screen (same manufacturer), now when we activate aero his screen flickers( he is using a x3100). is it some sort of wrong lcd screen id with his driver?

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hmm, well, the 965 version which is the x3100 haven’t release yet, so basically what driver that your friend installed on his/her computer?

      • matniky says:

        curently were using the standard driver for him on win7 (awaiting youre driver), but for some reason when aero is instaled the botom part of the screen flickers (half the screen).. this was after I installed a replacement screen for his laptop ( exact same screen tech,size, resolution ect) just a older model of the manufacturer. (he has a Toshiba a300, i gave him a a100 screen). like i said runs perfectcly till we eneble aero visuals….

  10. matniky says:

    looks like i cant put the laptop on max performance (it was working so hard that the computer’s temperature climbed to 91C )

  11. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    My friend–

    School is MUCH more important than we are! Do NOT let us distract you from school.

  12. wan056 says:

    you sir are a true malaysian…hidden meaning all over the place, good job man 🙂

  13. iPepsi57 says:

    haha I love how late these drivers are. Its like me and my blog I own about glitching modding mmorpg called graal. You say your gonna release something they believe you and worship you then you delay it. Some still follow while others start hating and beginning to riot about it. I hope the 3150 drivers are gonna be released. Cause if they won’t people are gonna start hating. I won’t hate, but others are already getting pissed. I wish you well with your college though. peace with 3150 forever

  14. ha says:

    haha I love how late these drivers are. Its like me and my blog I own about glitching modding mmorpg called graal. You say your gonna release something they believe you and worship you then you delay it. Some still follow while others start hating and beginning to riot about it. I hope the 3150 drivers are gonna be released. Cause if they won’t people are gonna start hating. I won’t hate, but others are already getting pissed. I wish you well with your college though. peace with 3150 forever

  15. john says:

    sorry i forgot to say the i wasnt talkin bout folding at home im talking bout the gay ass delays

  16. Shaun says:

    I look forward to the release of the 3150 drivers, I have a Winpad P07 tablet PC, it is a very capable little beast already, with some decent drivers it’s going to rock.

    Good luck with getting it all finished, peace!

  17. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    waaaait a second. These people who say they want 3150 drivers…what they MEANT to say is that they want x3100 drivers, which are next up, right? Just clarifying, you know. Because I’m in the x3100 crowd 🙂

    • matniky says:

      huh? oddly my computer dosent seam to like folding (i just reinstaled my trusty winxp instead) so il have to restart…. what a pain… any way im waiting for the 945g winxp drivers ^^ whenever there done!

  18. […] domain name by donations (if you think it is worthed) and/or fold for the 9xxSSF team, more info here Again I am sorry for the delay, I know some of the users are anxious with the delay, I have my […]

  19. MADBEAST says:


    Ladies if any of you dont like the drivers nor the blog, get of of here and out of our group, if you think you can make shit better than Angelic go and develop your drivers.

  20. Alex says:

    Tested this driver and it displays significant increase in performance for some games (vice city), also a good boost in performance on youtube. Great work. On the downside I cannot adjust the brightness on my netbook which is a big minus as battery is everything at times… (samsung n143plus, win 7 professional)

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