Sherry 1.3 for X3100 and GMA3150 delayed, other plan ahead

Unfortunately as you all noticed, the release of the X3100 and GMA3150 versions of the Sherry 1.3 will be delayed, under circumstances that some bugs need to be fix on some X3100 device id, GMA3150 will also have a core revamp to maintain stability while providing performance boost. Nevertheless, I’d rather release a fully working driver rather than a hasten project release. Sherry drivers series as always prioritize quality and stability for overall platform. Estimated time for release will be in 12 -13 June (hopefully) Malaysian Time (GMT+8), it is also unfortunate to mention that in 13 June, I will be resuming my semester in college, so development will be slow for a while. 😦

That said, it is pleased to say that the fix for Embedded version of the Sherry 1.3 (for GME/GSE 945 family) is going well, it turns out that the newer Sherry 1.3 core is not compatible with the Embedded chipsets, that said, I have to rewritten a better code for it. While with a modified core, the Sherry 1.3 for the GME/GSE/Embedded chipsets will include all features that mentioned in the original mainstream version of Sherry 1.3.

The Unix/Linux drivers will be an open source project, that said, I will specially concentrate on that project for a while after all 32bit and 64bit versions of XP and windows 7 drivers are finish. The Unix drivers for intel chipsets will improve performance hopefully for MacOSX (port required) and all major Linux distribution (although my testing platform will be Ubuntu/Debian based Distro).


Best regards, Angelictears.

21 thoughts on “Sherry 1.3 for X3100 and GMA3150 delayed, other plan ahead

  1. Kypsis says:

    When do you expect the embedded drivers to be fixed and release worthy? Quite excited to see what miracles it can perform… πŸ™‚

  2. Geo naeo says:

    Eh, we can wait a couple of days more :)..
    I hope you’ll finish soon.
    And good luck with your college studies. πŸ™‚

  3. forgivemefather says:

    I can’ wait for the 3150 driver there is no other way i can play wow in my little netbook =,(

  4. doorfixer says:

    how much % of performance boost we can expect from x3100 with your drivers?

  5. pwnz0r3d says:

    take your time. i’m just glad someone bothers to update the drivers for these chipsets. intel abandoned them way too early.

  6. leomate says:

    Thats no problem if delayed for few days for making better driver code πŸ™‚

  7. Cross Blade says:

    Maaaaan, in Argentina everyone on secondary school (from 12 to 17 years old) got a netbook to “study”. lmao. I cant wait to play another game except cs 1.6!!..
    ANyway, take your time man, good luck with your college studies!! God bless you bro!

  8. doorfixer says:

    it’s already 14 June but still no driver πŸ˜•

  9. Vyrusselu says:

    Any release date for the drivers? πŸ˜€ Can’t wait too try them.

  10. doorfixer says:

    Aww i want to play WoW πŸ˜€ cmon, need drivers T_T

  11. Sailesh Patel says:

    can’t wait! hope you can increase the external monitor resolution as well! it sucks having a broadcom hd but only being allowed to output at 1680×1050! 😦

    please get in touch if you need any beta testers to help meet the release πŸ™‚

  12. user69 says:

    any news from developer??

    • AngelicTears says:

      I’m currently working hard to balance my classes and development process. As you all might know I’m a student, semester 5 Diploma in Software Engineering, so more and more work will come in my way eventually. 😦
      I will however trying my best to fulfill users demand of drivers. Hope users can understand.

  13. user69 says:

    Good luck studying! btw are you going to release alpha/beta drivers before final release ? πŸ™‚

  14. 965 says:

    hay Angelic best wishes with ur studying and we are glad that someone still care about users with chipsets like x3100 as intel stopped developing anything long time ago for them. study well and we hope that u find some time to finish the driver. cheers

  15. tabletlover says:

    hello angelic, could you give a new timeframe for the release since last time you said june 12th-13th but we are already 21st of june… i don’t mean to hurry you, only to know if it will take one more month or one more year πŸ™‚

  16. worried says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U! for making it for GMA 3150

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