Sherry 1.3 for x3100 (965) is here!, Update : Fixed available to download!

First of all, I would like to thank all who have supporting me throughout the project development till now. Special thanks to MAD_BEAST (awesome leader of the 9xxSSF community), TribalJet (awesome tech staff at 9xxSSF), NeoDragon (make Sherry 1.3 possible with proven test) and other friends at .

I would like to also apologize for any delays regarding to this release.

Sherry 1.3 features an optimized core for the 965 (x3100) based chipsets to support more better processing and capabilities without sacrificing stability. For full info about the Sherry 1.3 main core, click here . Below are the main features and changelog for the x3100 release.

  • Better openGL support up to OpenGL 2.0
  • Better Shader Model 2 rendering performance
  • Optimized WebGL acceleration to comply with 965 (x3100) capabilities
  • Better optimization and performance in AA (2x only)
  • Lighter core code compared to stock
NOTE : I do not have a x3100 system for testing, so for any feedbacks and bugs please report it here
Download link : Click here
Fixed driver download link : click here
Changelog :
  • Fixed Preemption codes
  • Disable XPModel Codes
Note: Please uninstall older driver first before installing the fix, this will ensure that the fix is fully applied and optimization of WinSAT will occur at first start up.
Thanks for users feedbacks 🙂

45 thoughts on “Sherry 1.3 for x3100 (965) is here!, Update : Fixed available to download!

  1. Clav3 says:

    Good to see some news. Will there be a similar post about GMA3150 any time soon?

  2. joined says:

    LET’S ROCK! thank you!

  3. Kypsis says:

    Have you been able to resolve the issues with the 945 gme/gse drivers yet?

  4. Frozenlord says:

    Thanks for finally releasing the x3100 drivers 🙂
    Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to find the x64 drivers…
    Could you please help me find these?

    Thank you 🙂

  5. 965 says:

    Great Job m going to download it to try it now i’ll tell u what i think thank you

  6. Chris Miller says:

    Awesome deal and all, but I was wondering if any fixes were planned for 945 :-\ Tried it again last night to see if maybe I’d done something wrong. All the same issues I reported in the netbook version thread. I tried both. The non-netbook one is the one I should be using, but it’s causing SO many issues. Discovered another one as well. With my monitor at the proper resolution, there’s about 2 inches of screenspace off the left side of the screen I can move my mouse over to x_x. Couple that with blue screening, barely any games running, Windows Aero not functioning.. not so great. Still running 1.2 Sherry in the meantime

    • batuzai04123 says:

      its because you are running @ aspect ratio mode (maybe ^^) you could try changing the graphics properties to full screen mode.

      • Chris Miller says:

        Tried all 3 aspect settings, still have space on the left. And even so, that would only fix 1 of many issues Sherry 1.3 causes me x_x

  7. This is awesome man. Keep up the fantastic work! Hope to see the 64-bit version

  8. wewewwewe says:

    I deleted it after 2 minutes installed.I cant even watch youtube videos.It says Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
    My specs
    T7100 1.8 ghz
    2 GB ram
    Windows 7 32 bit turkish installed

  9. forgivemefather says:

    what about 3150?

  10. Please, we are waiting for 3150!

  11. X3100user says:

    Whats the Vram on this Driver???
    And is it better than Extreme HD Driver on youtube??

    • AngelicTears says:

      That depends on you chipsets, for 945, you can actually have a full 256mb VRAM support. for x3100 or 965 you can have 738mb and above.

      I don’t know which is better, the Extreme HD Driver in youtube is well known to be a copycat to 9xxSSF driver, which means they takes our work and posted it on youtube.
      You can freely choose which ever driver suits your liking, BUT You WILL NOT have support, fixes and updates from this blog, Facebook page, and also at the 9xxSSF official forums.

      • X3100user says:

        Wow. so r u saying sherry 1.3 will give me 738mb of Vram 🙂
        I’m still afraid on testing it since i tried Extreme HD which has Window 7 theme bug
        so ill try it in the final release but thnx for the reply 🙂
        Hope it become stable soon..

      • ybodhanya says:

        Hi I just installed Sherry 1.3 for my GMA X3100 on Windows 7 32bit. How do i increase the VRAM to 738mb as you said?

  12. oisdlfkjslkj says:

    Thank you!! Working with no problems.

    Side note, is ANYONE able to access the 9xxssf forums? I always get the message that there are zero posts in zero threads, which I know isn’t true. Is anyone actually able to see the boards?

  13. iPepsi57 says:

    Angelic I apologize for the, “Angelic is a lie isn’t he?” Post, its just I feel cheated by so many people I got oober pissed. I’m waiting for the 3150 drivers patiently. I know you have work and I don’t care about release time please forget what I was saying, but please don’t stop working on the 3150 drivers I can’t afford another computer!

  14. iPepsi57 says:

    btw I got the traffic status for you blog and holy bitch a shit lolz dont know bout you my nigguh but streets been good to me. 🙂

  15. Forget says:

    Guys dont get pissed off we all know he isnt gonna release the 3150 drivers he might’ve tried hard on getting the x3100 drivers and shit but hes freaking lieing and shit about the 3150 I realize hes in college but damn i have school too yet i still manage to do other things

  16. iPepsi57 says:

    Do you think I should just give up on you releasing the 3150 drivers?

  17. iPepsi57 says:

    Yeah, I’m working on the 3150 drivers for you guys (Netbook only) since this ass won’t respond to ANYTHING I’ve been saying so yeah. Mine give an average 3.1 in gaming on WEI and 7098 in 3DMark 06. I’ll make a blog about it if these 3150 drivers from angelic aren’t out in a month. Don’t worry I’m not taking any credit for Angelic, but damn. Angelic if you release them before mine (Your is better then mine anyway.) I’ll quit them forever mkay.

  18. iPepsi57 says:

    Look I am lieing haha I can’t make drivers for shit. Sorry.

  19. H Moody says:

    64bits would be great.

  20. X3100lover says:


  21. Ok, but what’s about final release of 32 bit win 7 drivers ? You released alpha version, that crashes on every game, and began development of 3150 drivers. So, are you going just to release just fkin alpha versions, or what ?

    • AngelicTears says:

      The driver is still under testing, there are some confusion on the driver as well, for most users, the x3100 driver is working well, as tested by NeoDragon, a senior x3100 developer, for some users the driver does causes problems, we’re looking in to that. You can see at the facebook page for more info and updates.

  22. MArcel says:

    First of all. thank you for the work you make!
    I do have a question.To improve my gaming i should only install this driver.cause i heard something like addgame.reg and i dont find it.What should i do?

    • AngelicTears says:

      Thanks for supporting 😀

      Indeed you can install the driver, but for some games that requires vertex shader, the addgame.reg is use for enabling the software vertex to use for the game. You can use the addgame.reg, also known as manual registry method, or you can use IGRM, an application that is develop by Haze, 9xxSSF senior member. You can find more info at

  23. MArcel says:

    I had the igrm.but i have another question>first i uninstalled the official graphic driver and then i installed this modded driver BUT after reboot when i watched in device manager iti was the name of official driver and not the name of your driver.So ,what i did wrong?…..
    PS>In this sittuation i reinstalled my old sigma 1×32.

  24. I need modded driver says:

    @ this time of need on gaming,what can you guys recommend I install while waiting for the 64bit sherry 1.3 now im at the intel version -_- and its slow

  25. OD!X says:

    can this driver support Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

  26. kyuubi08 says:

    i think extreme hd driver is better than your driver. .

  27. fault says:

    well it crashed twice today lol. so I’m going back ol’Intel gma driver

  28. eliecermt says:

    64 bits please please 😦

  29. Chimposensei says:

    Yeah 64x would rock!

  30. Hi. This drivers is compatible with all Windows systems ?

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