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Sherry 1.3 for GMA 3150 is here, Better late than never :D

The time has come, although a little late, sorry for that, but it is finish.

Firstly, Thanks to the 9xxSSF team which made what I am today, and also their support throughout the development process, and keeping the trust in me to finish this project. Special thanks to MAD_BEAST (leader of the 9xxSSF community), KinGPin, Tribaljet who helped me a lot, NeoDragon for support and development advice, Haze, and others who have supported all the way.

Finally the official driver and support for GMA 3150 is here. The release will mark the beginning of Sherry Project support for the GMA3150, as you all know, this is the first time that the project is developing for chipsets other than the 945 and 965 family. It’s all thanks for you suggestions and support throughout the development process 🙂

First of all, here’s the change log for the GMA3150 release (built 1990., x86 release) :

  • For full features and info about the Sherry 1.3, visit here
  • Compared to the main release for the 945, The GMA3150 release will not support MSI-X and IFS (IncreasedFixedSegmentation) technology
  • Added new core exclusive for the GMA3150 including better Software TnL performance.
  • Better crash control thanks to improved user mode driver (Windows 7 only)
  • Better openGL support (the same use with other Sherry 1.3 release)
  • Better video playback control and quality, fluid H.263 and partial H.264 support
  • Better Flash video support (theoretically)
  • WebGL support
  • HTML5 partial acceleration (still work in progress)
Feedbacks are welcome, visit the 9xxSSF forums for feedbacks and notification.
For advance users, bug reports is highly recommended, visit the forum thread here to do so.
Help the project by feedbacks to ensure better experience, I don’t have the hardware to test it so results may vary. Also to show appreciation, and keep the project alive, donations is recommend, help build the page own domain name by donations (if you think it is worthed) and/or fold for the 9xxSSF team, more info here

Again I am sorry for the delay, I know some of the users are anxious with the delay, I have my reasons, which some of you may have already know, but fear not, I will try my best to work out my time and finally make the project fully finish , hopefully.

Without further a do, here’s the download link.
Cheers 😀
Update :
A new fix is already for download, changelog :
  • XPmodel code fix
  • Youtube performance degrade fix
  • Some minor bug fixes
Thanks Mikey91 for the feedback 🙂
Update 2 :
For those who still experiencing problem, please do try the 2nd fix with minor tweak and core change. Thank you for your feedback and help on making the driver better. 🙂