Monthly Archives: August 2011

Sherry 1.3.1 update is here, GMA3150 next

First of all, I am sorry for being inactive for the past couple of weeks, and I have to say I do apologize for the comments that are not replied for the past several weeks. Rest assured, every bit of word from your feedback are count and I appreciated it.

Now for the update, The 1.3.1 update is now here, and happily I managed to fix some of the problems with the new driver core for several systems, that included the “not validated” issue, several uncommon BSODs, and several graphical issues such as flickering.

Some notes on the driver :

  • Improve WebGL performance 5% more than the original 1.3
  • Fixed : Several “driver not validated for this computer” issues on some systems
  • Fixed : Several BSODs (STOP : 0x0000116), the driver is now more compatible
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs
  • First ever 3-in-1 driver for Sherry 1.3
The driver package included 3 varieties of drivers in one update package. This includes the 945-generic, 945-embedded and the 965(x3100) devices. So it is convenient at the same time.
As usual, any feedbacks are appreciated. Please also register to the 9xxSSF forums for our technical help, also feeling Social?  Then head on to the Sherry Drivers Facebook page for discussion and exclusive updates. Download links below.