Sherry 1.3.1 update is here, GMA3150 next

First of all, I am sorry for being inactive for the past couple of weeks, and I have to say I do apologize for the comments that are not replied for the past several weeks. Rest assured, every bit of word from your feedback are count and I appreciated it.

Now for the update, The 1.3.1 update is now here, and happily I managed to fix some of the problems with the new driver core for several systems, that included the “not validated” issue, several uncommon BSODs, and several graphical issues such as flickering.

Some notes on the driver :

  • Improve WebGL performance 5% more than the original 1.3
  • Fixed : Several “driver not validated for this computer” issues on some systems
  • Fixed : Several BSODs (STOP : 0x0000116), the driver is now more compatible
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs
  • First ever 3-in-1 driver for Sherry 1.3
The driver package included 3 varieties of drivers in one update package. This includes the 945-generic, 945-embedded and the 965(x3100) devices. So it is convenient at the same time.
As usual, any feedbacks are appreciated. Please also register to the 9xxSSF forums for our technical help, also feeling Social?  Then head on to the Sherry Drivers Facebook page for discussion and exclusive updates. Download links below.

54 thoughts on “Sherry 1.3.1 update is here, GMA3150 next

  1. yeahcool says:

    thank you so much , but i still waiting for 64bit ~~

  2. dhiman33 says:

    thanks for the update bro :)…but…..has the ashes cricket 2009 demo texture problem…finally..finally……finally gone?(do u remember me?;) I’m requesting to fix this for months now :()so…have u finally fixed that?

  3. TV says:

    I have a problem on Windows 7 starter driver is not installed 😦

  4. Hi everybody!

    Does you have any idea to the lauch of the update for GMA 3150?
    Because my computer says: “driver not validated for this computer”

    Help me please!
    PC: Aspire One D255e, Windows 7 Starter, 1gb of ram, gma 3150, atom n455

  5. Nic says:

    i have gma3150 and i was wondering before you release it do we have to uninstall sherry 1.3 to install 1.3.1 or can we just install it right over 1.3?

  6. Maciej says:

    I have a gma 3150 (in Vaio m series – Windows 7 Starter) – sherry 1.3 installed correctly, unfortunately when you try to install the next version I get an error – no minimum parameters 😦 Help!

  7. Minh says:

    when version for GMA 3150 release?

  8. MArcel says:

    Hi.I want an answer please.Right now i have installed Sigma 1 x32 as video driver to my x3100(965).And when i watch in Device manager Display adapters it is written exactly this name(Sigma 1).But when i installed your first release of Sherry 1.3 for x3100 this name wasn-t in Display adapters but the name of official driver of Intel took by microsoft!..Tell me what i did wrong?…or the that driver wasn-t good?…Is this one will have a particular name in Display adapter in Device Manager so that i will know it isnt the official one?…Thank you in advance!

  9. bootsacks says:

    Hello, can you tell me why opengl 2.0 isn’t on windows with intel gma 3150. Linux has OpenGL 2.0 Software for the gma 3150, so why can’t windows?

  10. cyber says:

    so wen is 64 bit coming 😦

  11. Rob D says:

    any news on 64 bit?

  12. doorfix3r says:

    i installed your new drivers on x3100 and my video drivers keeps crashing 1-2 times per day…

  13. Ed says:

    will it work on gma950 GME/GSE

  14. Ed Delapaz says:

    will it work on GMA 950 GME/GSE
    cuz i have GME

  15. pedro eleazar says:

    it says error before it even starts to install.

  16. Alejandro says:

    Bro, only for win7? I have XP

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hey there, while XP driver development currently halted to prioritize on windows 7 drivers first. The development will resume after the windows 7 project is finish. Also I do recommend anyone to upgrade to Windows 7 if their hardware support it, much better driver support and a safer plus more secure Operating system 😀

  17. Tanma says:

    Sm 3.0 plz

    • AngelicTears says:

      hehe, unless I’m an amazing wizard, i can’t do that. Shader Model 3 or SM3 for short is a hardware feature, meaning that I can’t make it enable unless it is supported by the hardware itself. as we all know, Intel Graphic Adapter that is older then the 4 series can’t process Shader Model 3 instructions required by SM3 games. So I can’t do anything if the hardware itself can’t handle it. There is no software mod that can make SM2 card run SM3 games.

  18. PubeSmoker says:

    Hey could you change the setup so that the drivers in the registry are considered intel’s?
    it’s rather annoying cuz it doesn’t work with it says that you don’t have the x3100 card and bla blabla. Thanks in advance.

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hi 😀
      Thanks for the support, but Intel Display Adapter Management tool, or IDAMT, is considered out dated in here and in our community.
      You can however use IGRM, or Intel Graphic Registry Modifier ,or IGRM, a 9xxSSF home-made application that works better then the IDAMT. Works with every modded driver release under 9xxSSF, including my Sherry Drivers Series 😀
      You can find it for download at

      • PubeSmoker says:

        Wow, thanks for the fast response. Didn’t know about it, I’ll download it and check it out. The one I used felt a bit buggy and sometimes wouldn’t work properly.

  19. kranx says:

    If anyone is alive here then I have a question….
    I have GMA 3100 (Not x3100). Can I use Sherry 1.3?
    Please reply.

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hi there, While there are no official Sherry driver for GMA3100 up to date, some users manually install it and found it working great 😀
      But since it is not an official way, then I would recommend to wait for the official 3100 release. You can find more info in our community at

  20. ECS says:

    WTF, i want gma 3100 😦

  21. Benny says:

    I just installed this driver for the first time on my MSI U100 netbook, which has the GMA950. It went without a hitch – till I rebooted. Now EVERYTHING on my computer is running like a snail and I can’t see what the problem is, what should I do?

  22. mayank says:

    what is the estimated date of releasing sherry 1.3 for intel gma 3100.thanks

  23. Arifin says:

    hi… i have problem with my installation..
    this the story(sorry first my english is bad)…
    i have install the first Sherry 1.3 and my game run great, then i found you have the update Sherry 1.3.1 and i downloaded and installed… but this driver make my laptop run same with my standard intel GMA950 without Sherry 1.3. then i try to uninstall the driver and instal sherry 1.3 again. but it wont work… 😦 i try again and still wont work… why? can you help me with my problem…. please… 😦

    here my spec:
    intel dual core 1.7Ghz
    intel GMA 950
    ram 2GB

  24. patrick says:

    not working it says error

  25. Reijell says:

    is there a version of this in 64 bit?

  26. Kurt says:

    I tryed to install the driver but after i click run this error message appears ‘ the driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computers manufacturer. setup will exit’ I have a samsung NC110 aswell, can someone help me, ima noob -.-

  27. Jyrx says:

    Really, really slow on gma950 under eeepc 1008ha. It made the netbook nonresponsive, random flickering, slow graphics and everything lagged like ***. Is there somekind of fix coming for this?

  28. erikor says:

    yow may i ask something..
    when i install my sherry driver 1.3 my computer runs on 1fps per second even when i logged in on to my desktop.i think something is wrong with my installation.and can someone show me how to install it right..
    and i cant find any intel graphics registry modifier please give me a fresh site please…

  29. hemera says:

    @KURT and Jyrx

    i found the solution for this problem.
    If after installing driver everything slow ,

    u need to go Device Manager and right click on Sherry 1.3.1 Driver for 945 and 965 and select DISABLE.

    After this windows will look as no display driver installed.

    Go to device manager again and right click on Sherry 1.3.1 Driver for 945 and 965 again but this time select Update Driver Software,

    after this click on Browse my computer for driver software, after this Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer,

    after this select Sherry 1.3.1 Driver for 945 and 965 from list and click next and after its installed restart and everything will work nice.

    sry for my english hope u will understand.

  30. alien3z says:

    64bit please… 😦

  31. Thiago says:

    Hello I wonder if this causes any damage to your computer?

  32. ahmad bin sapri says:

    assalamualaikum,, selamat tgh hari malaysia.. saya nak tanya,, perlu tak install intel gma 3150 original driver sebelum install sherry ni ???

  33. Shouichi16 says:

    i have a error – “This drive does not support your current system.” -_-

    Hp Mini 210-1000
    Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450
    Intel(R) GMA 3150
    1 gb ram

  34. hafizysyafiz says:

    pasang sherry terus saja..

  35. Brain Joel says:

    so this driver do not support 3150gma?

  36. benjaxx_945 says:

    Hey (i dont know english)
    asi que escribo en esp, cuando instalo los drivers v1.3.1 el computador muestra ola pantalla completam,ente lenta y no alcansa siquiera a mostrar el tema de aero, y si ocupo el tema de windows clasico se ve con retardo. 😦 no se uqe aser HLPPPP

  37. benjaxx_945 says:

    cuando instalo los drivers v1.3.1 el computador se ve demaciado lento con retardo, y tengo
    que iniciarlo en modo seguro por que se vuelve completamente lento ya que siquiera alcansa a mostrar correctamente el tema de windows clasico ¬¬
    no se que hacer hlpp

    w7 ultimate – intel945 – 1gb ram – intel atom n270

  38. HumbleMe says:

    can any one have any idea if the sherry latest version has been release for GMA3150?

  39. hi… i have been download the 1.3 and works fine and very good… im just thinking if 1.3.1 version for GMA3150? Thanks…And good work^_^

  40. GMA 3150 when the driver releases..?

  41. Tyler says:

    This isn’t working for me. I go into Device Manager, uninstall my VGA display adapter, click the setup for this driver, restart, and I get a “Standard Device Adapter” and it won’t let me update it because Windows finds the drivers up to date already. Vista 32bit.

  42. tEE says:

    PLease tell me the 64bit build is in the works

  43. Vitus says:

    Support GL40? =)

  44. luimi says:

    no se instala en mi pc parese k no es lo sufisiente compatible, tienen k mejorarlo

  45. dexter says:

    so what the newest driver download now

  46. eigengray says:

    Just installed your 1.3 mod, and i must say, in all the years I’ve spent using the default GMA 3150 driver (I have a Samsung N150plus btw), I’ve never seen better performing games until now. 🙂
    I’ll be waiting for future updates on v.1.3.1, and if you could add a little better improvement, I think including a feature to let it run on a 1024×768 display res or higher would be good. I prefer using the above resolution, and when I installed v1.3 the display setting could only go as high as 1024×640. Thanks!

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