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Updates : 26 Sept 2011

Time for some quick updates, and first of all, I do am sorry for the in-activeness, soo much to do, soo little time.

We begin by naming those who contribute to the project, those who have contribute keeping me motivated to keep this project alive. Without further a do, here’s the honorable awards list :

  • Mohammad Ali – Friend from Malaysia 😀
  • FrozenLord – All hail FrozenLord 😀
  • Andrew Boland – Greetings to U.K 😀
  • Carl-Gunnar Hörberg  – Greetings to the Swedens 😀
  • Austin Mellies – Unsung Hero 😀
  • Lin Shaun – Greetings from  neighboring country 😀
I am grateful, and overwhelming thank for those who have contributed to the project, it means a lot to me. It is nice to know that all the effort and time spent on perfecting the project are appreciated.  Again thank you very much 😀
Secondly, The 1.3.2 update are in testing phase, a close beta testing to be specific, for the 3150 and other non standard update. Again I do want the project complete as soon as I can, and currently working hard to acquire devices with GMA3150 and 945GME (embedded version) hardware to further ease the process of  testing and bug fixing. Until then, I will have to rely on testers that I can trust (there’s a case once where someone post the pre-alpha version of V1.3, before it was named Sherry 1.3, and release it under his/her name taking the credit).
Also, the 1.3.2 will have new features other then what I post last week. Again more tweak on some little, but game changing features and bugs. 1.3.2 update will aim to be much more reliable then previous version, BSOD fix and some installation fix. The installer will have a much more better face lift, and will be much more flexible with improved all-in-one driver pack. Overall, the 1.3.2 update will make the driver much more friendly, and much more easier for users to provide any bugs to me by log file automation.
Until then, see you guys/ and girls later 😀

Quick Update week: GMA3100 is coming with 1.3.2 Update pack!

GMA3100 is coming to the family, finally. After several test and careful development, GMA3100 is finally here, plus it will be joining the 1.3.2 update pack directly.

The Sherry 1.3.2 update will also, hopefully, fix several bugs and performance issue. Since the last update (1.3.1), severe bugs and issue are reported to be fix. Hopefully 1.3.2 will try to further improve stability and improve on performance.

Sherry 1.3.2 key factors :

  • Complete core code revamp, a lot of time consumed, but it is worth
  • Power saving features now increase battery life time by 15% more (compared to Sherry 1.3)
  • Hopefully to increase webGL performance on all chipsets variant
  • Major update in Dynamic Memory Handler (try to max out maximum VRAM available for the device)
  • Optimize for Core Solo Processor, the driver will adjust the processor required in single CPU system.
  • Again fix several other system that have validation error
Other notes will be list on the release day.
Other than that, as single update package will also be release for GAM3150 users, although it will be release a little late than the standard package above. Still, the Sherry 1.3.2 for GMA3150 will include all the update from 1.3.1 and further stability fix and validation error fix for some system. Looking forward for the release 😀
That’s all for this week updates, keep up the support, show some love by liking our facebook page or donating to the project, links on the side bar rightside.  Thanks! 😀