Updates : 26 Sept 2011

Time for some quick updates, and first of all, I do am sorry for the in-activeness, soo much to do, soo little time.

We begin by naming those who contribute to the project, those who have contribute keeping me motivated to keep this project alive. Without further a do, here’s the honorable awards list :

  • Mohammad Ali – Friend from Malaysia 😀
  • FrozenLord – All hail FrozenLord 😀
  • Andrew Boland – Greetings to U.K 😀
  • Carl-Gunnar Hörberg  – Greetings to the Swedens 😀
  • Austin Mellies – Unsung Hero 😀
  • Lin Shaun – Greetings from  neighboring country 😀
I am grateful, and overwhelming thank for those who have contributed to the project, it means a lot to me. It is nice to know that all the effort and time spent on perfecting the project are appreciated.  Again thank you very much 😀
Secondly, The 1.3.2 update are in testing phase, a close beta testing to be specific, for the 3150 and other non standard update. Again I do want the project complete as soon as I can, and currently working hard to acquire devices with GMA3150 and 945GME (embedded version) hardware to further ease the process of  testing and bug fixing. Until then, I will have to rely on testers that I can trust (there’s a case once where someone post the pre-alpha version of V1.3, before it was named Sherry 1.3, and release it under his/her name taking the credit).
Also, the 1.3.2 will have new features other then what I post last week. Again more tweak on some little, but game changing features and bugs. 1.3.2 update will aim to be much more reliable then previous version, BSOD fix and some installation fix. The installer will have a much more better face lift, and will be much more flexible with improved all-in-one driver pack. Overall, the 1.3.2 update will make the driver much more friendly, and much more easier for users to provide any bugs to me by log file automation.
Until then, see you guys/ and girls later 😀

53 thoughts on “Updates : 26 Sept 2011

  1. hrsh91 says:

    good luck mate:)

  2. Benny says:

    Will 1.3.2 fix the issue I mentioned on the previous version release page? I hope so.

  3. War Paz says:

    So, when will we have new releases? 🙂

  4. J.B says:

    Keep the good work!

  5. hrsh91 says:

    i’ll be happy to test it for you, my email id is hari.asteroid@gmail.com, i’ll be glad to do atleast this help

  6. BOOBZ says:

    6 years later goes the driver.

  7. William says:

    will this release fix the black border probem , when i used sherry 1.3.1 my pc games dont go into fulscrreen.

  8. hmoody says:

    Still no 64 bits for X3100… bah!

  9. eliecermt says:

    You are the best! we are looking forward the 1.3.2 Version for my GMA 3100 (Is not a laptop is a Aspire l3600 :D) and I have hope that it will work…

    I have one question Angelic…

    The IGRM emulate vertex shader, but emulate vertex shader 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0?

    Because i downloaded COD 4 and with Swift shader works but low FPS and with IGMR doesnt works

    THANKS 😉

    • AngelicTears says:

      Thanks for the support bro 😀
      The driver will allow vertex shader 2 emulation only, not vertex shader 3.
      Also there are some limitation to VS2 emulation, some games like CoD4 requires full hardware vertex shader (VS2.0a oir VS2.0b) to play, meaning the driver can’t emulate the instruction and can’t be play.

      • eliecermt says:

        No problem, im downloading crysis 1 and i hope will works because it can be played with vertex 2.0, and IGRM have it… I just need sherry 1.3.2 for better performance but we can wait 😀

        Your work is so nice

  10. bksjdfbalsdkl says:

    hello friend…………………………………… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    you don’t want to give a release date, do you? 😉 😉 😉

  11. hrsh91 says:

    almost a month after this post

  12. bksjdfbalsdkl says:

    hey guys, i did not mean to complain!! angleictears has a very busy life, and he is the only one we can count on to continue supporting the intel community! He owes us nothing. We can wait as many months as necessary.

  13. hrsh91 says:

    hope some improvizations on web browsing coz the current 1.3.1 is stucky all over the web

  14. eliecermt says:

    But sherry 1.3.1 works for gma 3100?

  15. Artur says:

    angelictears, if you need tester on 945 gse, i can help you, netbook: atom n270 1.6 gghz, gma 950 945gse, i have acer aspire one d250
    sorry for bad english, i m from Russia.

  16. baztyx says:

    xuando sale este driver…. estoy ancioso y entusiasmado por provarlo… 🙂

  17. gaming d00de says:

    hello its 26 oct alr plZZZ finish the driver!!!!all the best!

  18. ECS says:

    AngelicTears, where are you?

  19. ECS says:

    One month inactive :S

  20. i just wanted to say that if you need another tester for gma 3150 that i have a acer aspire with that video card and a lot of free time on my hands. i would just like to help you and this project out. if you are interested then feel free to give me an email at dizzynic2@aol.com. if not then i understand and keep up the fantastic work.

  21. mee says:

    When will the 64 bits win7 cherry 1.3 will be ready? 😦 i hope soon

  22. elisadas says:

    omg plz do it quikcly T_T dude have been checking everyday for ur release

  23. bksjdfbalsdkl says:

    hfjdkhvpsj fjsadhf kcvxj kjhx cjehfc ajkeo aosiech eiufh sj dcaj sd!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. ABEL says:


  25. Johnathon says:

    Angelic why the hello do you take so dang long before releasing shit?

  26. hrsh91 says:

    dude!!!!so long and yet not done?

  27. hrsh91 says:

    this is a long period of silence, are u ok? hope u r fine

  28. hrsh91 says:

    dude its been so long u got time to do 1.3.2 and u got no time for onli 1.3.1no offence but seriously im desperate

  29. hrsh91 says:

    dude it alr november 9!!!yet ur not done wth?

  30. eliecermt says:

    Yes, that’s true

  31. Artur says:

    why my comment was deleted?

  32. Bryan says:

    OMG… Everyday I visit this site for view releases but nothing! Are you fine AngelicTears?

  33. eliecernmt says:

    dude why so long?

  34. celebreti says:

    mate atleast reply something. i’m a little worried about you:( you dont even show up in forums nowadays:(

  35. hi says:

    sherry 1.3 deproves performance my gaming subscore chnaged from 3 to 2.9 performance of aero theme from 2.9 to 2.8

  36. Gt=D says:

    and now… the 1.3.2 don’t released yet?

  37. NeTbOoKgAmEr says:

    yeah.. i think they need long time research for the driver… good job!! but i just wondering here, does the nvidia physx working with intel gma… i hear from someone if it installed in your computer it would improved the performance.. any idea?

  38. ghanee says:

    where are you??

  39. elcieanet says:

    too bad to be true though!!!

  40. Chris says:

    New blog post with updates? I know you have a lot going on in your life, and if you need to take a lot of time with that, it’s cool. Just be good to know what’s up. Don’t expect you to go into detail of course, just kinda nice to get a little update here and there 🙂 Hope everything goes okay for you man!

  41. lskdjflkasjdf says:

    HE IS TRAPPED IN SKYRIM!! Send help! Fus ro dah!

  42. Vivek says:

    1.3.1 driver was awesome improves my win7 score 2.8 to 3.2 now looking forward to 1.3.2 thanksss

  43. hrsh91 says:

    i just want to know which motherfucker stole my nae and wrote all those bad comments. i swear on my behalf u do it again then your mom’s getting raped!!! asshole!!!!

  44. hrsh91 says:

    fuck you u damnit whoever stealing my name and wrote bad comments over there do it once again seriously…..!@#$!!!!

  45. eliecermt says:

    Where are you angelic?…

  46. eliecermt says:

    hey please can we install nvdia physx on gma?please quickly release this ,everyday checking this web but always no news :C,hope it better than sherry 1.3 and will actually increase subscore

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