Monthly Archives: November 2011

It’s Been A While

Hi there, I know it’s been a while since I last update, like I mentioned in my Facebook page, I’ve been away because of several issues such as health problems and work issue. Hey I have to make money for my college diploma course, right?

Here’s a certain point that I would like to confirm and what will happen for next year.

Sherry Driver updates will continue next year

Due to project migration, the project will be continue next year after all the project database have been move to my new workstation, I can’t afford to upgrade my laptop hard disk drive so I decided to move it to my desktop.

Do note that GMA3100 will also be supported on the upcoming patch. Although there are some who might be feeling angry about this, so I have tested that the current Sherry 1.3.1 does support GMA3100, so I will gladly release an inf patch for Sherry 1.3.1 only to enable GMA3100 support, no any other improvements.

Several fixes are also have been planned, with this said, after the upcoming 1.3.2 patch, the project will be pause for some time, giving time and space for a new driver, which combines all Intel IGP supported till now. Although Intel HD and 4 series are not confirm and don’t get your hopes high for those chipsets.

A few Notes from me.

I am sorry for my absence for these past months, I do admit that it is my fault, but having to work from 6pm after class till 1am in the morning is pretty much tiresome, and don’t forget having to go to college at 9am sharp. All and all, I won’t ask anything for this project, except for some generous donations, which is optional. This project is intended to help users with Intel chipsets, and I can’t say if I am doing it for profit or not, but I can say that I love what I do.

Having said that, when some people bombarded me with questions like “When is the actual release date?” or nuked me with heavy exclamation such as “Angelictears is a LIAR, stop saying Shit on your release to us!”. It saddens me, as I never have been promise an actual release date, I’m a one man developer, not some corporate companies having hundreds of developers working on one single project.

In intel, hundreds of developers get paid 3 thousand $ or more just to work with hundreds more developer on a single project, let say a driver for intel GMA 950 or 945 chipsets.

I make way better driver then them single handed and I get nothing, so I think people should stop complaining and focusing on helping me on improving the project by donations or at least by emailing me the log file. Any help would be appreciated to keep this project alive. I hate to stop this project just for some haters, but I can manage.

That’s all for now for the updates. Will try to write back later if can, comments are welcome :D