It’s Been A While

Hi there, I know it’s been a while since I last update, like I mentioned in my Facebook page, I’ve been away because of several issues such as health problems and work issue. Hey I have to make money for my college diploma course, right?

Here’s a certain point that I would like to confirm and what will happen for next year.

Sherry Driver updates will continue next year

Due to project migration, the project will be continue next year after all the project database have been move to my new workstation, I can’t afford to upgrade my laptop hard disk drive so I decided to move it to my desktop.

Do note that GMA3100 will also be supported on the upcoming patch. Although there are some who might be feeling angry about this, so I have tested that the current Sherry 1.3.1 does support GMA3100, so I will gladly release an inf patch for Sherry 1.3.1 only to enable GMA3100 support, no any other improvements.

Several fixes are also have been planned, with this said, after the upcoming 1.3.2 patch, the project will be pause for some time, giving time and space for a new driver, which combines all Intel IGP supported till now. Although Intel HD and 4 series are not confirm and don’t get your hopes high for those chipsets.

A few Notes from me.

I am sorry for my absence for these past months, I do admit that it is my fault, but having to work from 6pm after class till 1am in the morning is pretty much tiresome, and don’t forget having to go to college at 9am sharp. All and all, I won’t ask anything for this project, except for some generous donations, which is optional. This project is intended to help users with Intel chipsets, and I can’t say if I am doing it for profit or not, but I can say that I love what I do.

Having said that, when some people bombarded me with questions like “When is the actual release date?” or nuked me with heavy exclamation such as “Angelictears is a LIAR, stop saying Shit on your release to us!”. It saddens me, as I never have been promise an actual release date, I’m a one man developer, not some corporate companies having hundreds of developers working on one single project.

In intel, hundreds of developers get paid 3 thousand $ or more just to work with hundreds more developer on a single project, let say a driver for intel GMA 950 or 945 chipsets.

I make way better driver then them single handed and I get nothing, so I think people should stop complaining and focusing on helping me on improving the project by donations or at least by emailing me the log file. Any help would be appreciated to keep this project alive. I hate to stop this project just for some haters, but I can manage.

That’s all for now for the updates. Will try to write back later if can, comments are welcome :D

28 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. JI says:


  2. migdal says:

    U always have my support!
    God luck with classes and work.
    More haste, less speed. You know, haste isn’t good adviser 🙂 So do what you love and fck the complainers

  3. MSilva says:

    I want to thank the excellent work they have done so far in the 945GM.
    I wanted to inform you that the last update to the 945GM (v.1.3.1) when I turn the external display on the control panel of 945GM i don’t have the option to expand the image to full screen.
    When I play in 1024×768 resolution appears to me the black bars.
    If you could fix this problem in next update I would be grateful.

    With regards M. Silva

  4. Ed Delapaz says:

    How about the Sherry 1.3 GMA 950 for netbooks?

  5. We appreciated your work. And fuck the complainers, they dont have the patience to wait, and they dont have the right to complain on you because you are working for free, and i have a question, How about the Sherry 1.3 GMA 950 for netbooks? and, a year is too long, but i`ll wait for it, 🙂

  6. Nathan MM says:

    We’re all glad that you’ve come back, at least we fell your presence again ^^. Don’t worry, you need not to hurry for the mod drivers to be finished, do what is most important for now – maybe school work. DOn’t mind others who’s complaining continuously, they’re the one who’s having problem

  7. MSilva says:

    Good morning for everyone. In Sherry 1.3 in graphics control panel i have the option to expand image in external monitor but in 1.3.1 i don´t have.
    thank you for read my comment. If have any more question write ill be alert.

    With regards M.Silva

  8. Elton says:

    You are the best. If you stopped the project due to personal problems, no need to apologize.

  9. eliecermt says:

    OOOOOO thanksssss we still waiting brother!!!!! i have intel gma 3100 can you tell me how to do sherry 1.3.1 works for gma 3100? THANKS

  10. lskdjflkasjdf says:

    yo dawg–

    i LOVE you!! we love you. take care of yourself and your real life. hugs! no homo.

  11. bredko says:

    my english is so bad… but here I go

    i want give you thanks for your formidable work around drivers for the intel chipset 3150, is amazing and so great, but i have a little problem and i hope you can help me please.
    since i installed the cherry driver for my netbook (samsung NF210, 2gb RAM, windws 7 ultimate) i have a little trouble with the brightness adjustment cause i can’t adjust the brightness and the screen always is in the maximun performance of brightnes (even if I am using the netbook with battery only) the brightness never change and always is in maximum performance…
    jeje that’s problem causes the reducttion of my batery life severely. and i tryed to down the brightness from the energy manager of windows 7 and i can’t have any result. and i try to down the brightness from the hot keys and nothing =(

    please help me. and once more thank you for your great job =)

    atte. Daniel

    p.d: sorry for my bad english!! im Mexican =P

  12. diogojin says:

    update for sherry 950g too?

  13. CR0SSBL4DE says:

    U R the best Pal! As I Said before, if u need any help, count with me! (I’m the guy in the forum that wrote the “GMA Tweaker”). God Bless!

  14. Jos says:

    Good work!! have a nice new year and a merry Xmas!!! you´re amazing!

  15. FDJustin says:

    Hey, I appreciate what you’re doing and I haven’t even had a chance to play with it yet. 😉 Patiently waiting on x64 drivers, happy that someone out there is willing to take up the slack for the poor x3100 drivers.

    Best of luck and thank you.

  16. iinadir says:

    so i dont really get it ? we are on 2012 lol is there 1 modded driver for gma3100 ? because here i dont really got vertexshader … just lost it lol i dont know why or how ! plz help !

  17. Genial!!

    Gracias a los drivers que modificaste, ahora puedo ver videos HD sin problemas (720p)

    Ojala que pronto hagas el Sherry 1.3.1 del GMA 3150.


  18. adam says:

    thanks for all your hard work!! I hope you DO get lots of money for what you’ve done.

  19. Sad Me says:

    the cake is a lie

  20. Renato Urbano says:

    Finaly a Drivers for GMA 3100

  21. David says:

    Don’t listen to those “haters” who are ungrateful and don’t show you gratitude for all your hard-work. I commend what you’ve done so far….it’s really amazing.

    As a developer, I recently released some free software – so I know what it’s like to get “hater comments”. Keep up the good work.

  22. RetroGamer says:

    Thank you for doing this! I’ve recently rehabilitated an old Celeron M laptop for retrogaming, due to the fact that many older games crash on multi-core CPUs. Your driver jailbreaks quite a bit of performance on the graphics chips, a huge help!

  23. IzanaGi says:

    Are you working on this now ? I cant wait for this !!! :O

  24. jasc10 says:

    i have a problem with my GMA 3150. when i first had the NB305 toshiba netbook I installed the game Rise of Nations and run perfect then when I upgrade the windows 7 from started to pro its said that : “graphics services failed to initialize. Please make sure that your video card and driver are correctly installed, and are compatible with Rise of Nations ” I tried everything from this link and nothing works. Then I saw that the GMA doesnt support win 7 pro only win 7 started, home basic, win vista and XP so I restored my netbook from the out of the box set, I install the game and said the same error. I dont know what to do if you can help me its would be great. (sorry for my english)

  25. I will Wait,Gma 3100 Will for on dolphin with
    Many fps. I think Soo!!!

  26. Giordano says:

    I just installed you drivers. I’m astonished! they are just great, windows game performance has grown from 2.0 to 3.0 !!!!

    Take your time, don’t feel under pressed you already did a lot to us.

    Thank you very much
    (a donation is just the minimum)

  27. quirK says:

    All of us should donate at least US$2 .

    Working adults… definitely at least 10 times that..

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