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1.3.2 Beta for 945GME/GSE chipsets release

Now it’s that time of the year.

As I said on some post before, I will prioritize on GME/GSE development first rather than jump directly to the main 945 and 965 release. Why? Cause most of the GME/GSE chipsets owner still using 1.1E up till now, so it’s fair that they get the chance to be first šŸ™‚

I already release the beta on Sherry Driver facebook page and threadfa. So far the review have been great, here’s some of feedback that I get.

  • Flickering is finally fix šŸ˜€
  • WebGL now works with Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Slight improvements on gaming performance
  • Video performance increase although 1080p videos still stuttering (mostly because of Atom CPU)

Do note that this release is just a beta release aimed to see compatibility issue fixes compared to 1.3.x version which cause problems such as screen flickering and slow performance on some GME/GSE machine. Hopefully with users feedback and information on this release, I will be able to fix several issues while increasing the performance where possible without messing the stability and usability.

Here’s some of the features included :

  • Some 1.3.1 features enabled for GME/GSE chipsets
  • WebGL enabled For FF, Chrome and IE
  • Some 1.3.2 features enabled as extras
  • Video renderingĀ improvements, though 1080p still struggles mostly because of CPU
Well, all said, hit the download links below šŸ˜€