1.3.2 Beta for 945GME/GSE chipsets release

Now it’s that time of the year.

As I said on some post before, I will prioritize on GME/GSE development first rather than jump directly to the main 945 and 965 release. Why? Cause most of the GME/GSE chipsets owner still using 1.1E up till now, so it’s fair that they get the chance to be first 🙂

I already release the beta on Sherry Driver facebook page and 9xxssf.info threadfa. So far the review have been great, here’s some of feedback that I get.

  • Flickering is finally fix 😀
  • WebGL now works with Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Slight improvements on gaming performance
  • Video performance increase although 1080p videos still stuttering (mostly because of Atom CPU)

Do note that this release is just a beta release aimed to see compatibility issue fixes compared to 1.3.x version which cause problems such as screen flickering and slow performance on some GME/GSE machine. Hopefully with users feedback and information on this release, I will be able to fix several issues while increasing the performance where possible without messing the stability and usability.

Here’s some of the features included :

  • Some 1.3.1 features enabled for GME/GSE chipsets
  • WebGL enabled For FF, Chrome and IE
  • Some 1.3.2 features enabled as extras
  • Video rendering improvements, though 1080p still struggles mostly because of CPU
Well, all said, hit the download links below 😀

22 thoughts on “1.3.2 Beta for 945GME/GSE chipsets release

  1. yash says:

    Please Please in the future one version for XP, from a user of 1.6 ghz and 1gb ram. Thank You T_T

  2. Hey. Fabian I’m from Argentina!

    I tried the 1.3.2 Beta on Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Developers

    Actually the changes are notable: The Videos in 720p works perfectly, tools such as Windows Media Center are much lighter (no perfect) As for the Videos in 1080 … I really notice the change.

    The only problem I had was to play videos on Youtube. The image quality appears as if it had cleared off Hardware Acceleration.

    That’s it. Thanks for doing this great job. It’s fucking great!!

  3. christian says:


  4. FrozenLord says:


    It would still be really great to have a x64 version for the 965 😉
    I am still forced to use the really old Sigma drivers, because there is no x64 driver from you 😦

    Thanks a bunch for keeping up the great work though!

  5. Harbimbolar says:

    I really appreciate ur works! Pls can get a driver for 965 (x3100)… Tanx!

  6. Moody says:

    Me too waiting on x64 version for X3100… :/

  7. Kachajal says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! There’s still demand for GMA3150, but I’m glad to even have the 1.3.0 ❤

  8. M.Silva says:

    Thank a lot for your update keep up your good and hard work we are counting on you for a better improvements on xp.

  9. Adam says:

    is there any chanse u can port the driver to OSX? GMA 3150 is commonly used GPU in the netbooks family. There is no GMA 3150 driver in OSX yet, ur only hope to run hacintosh in those tiny little netbooks.

  10. Javier says:

    thanks for it. but please, develope one for linux 😀

  11. Gamer says:

    its for gma950?

  12. Alex G. says:

    I’m kind of lost here, what is the last stable version for GMA3150(I have a intel atom type of netbook/Aspire one D255E) !!! Thank you if some one can answer me.

  13. M.Silva says:

    thank you for your sherry 1.3.2 need for speed carbon gets better much fps (average 20 for 26 all max shaders low resolution 640×480) and i´ve testes other games like:

    need for speed most wanted (the game is flickering(?) when have more than 30 fps original driver works but worst fps need test on other pc to confirm)

    cal of duty 1 + expansion (better fps all max)

    cal of duty 2 (not improved)

    cs 1.6(more stable fps playing online)

    cs source (i think have a drop 1-2 fps nothing more)

    f.e.a.r 1 (much bettter fps (average 20 for 30 fps!) all settings on max shadows off pixel doubling on resolution 800x 600)

    f.e.a.r extration point (same as f.e.a.r 1)

    f.e.a.r perseus mandate (needs IGRM software vertex same as f.e.a.r 1)

    f.e.a.r 2 project origin(IGRM software vertex K-lite codec pack basic for sound work but image don.t appear black screen i tried with 3d analyzer HW TnL but is the same and i think if put an id of an compatible graphic theimage will worksbut i cant get an device id for 3d analyzer i need an nvidia geforce 6800 or ati x700 or better graphic id to test. if anyone can find or give me one. THANK YOU)

    max payne 2 (better fps all max resolution 1280×800 perfectly playable i have slight delay on mouse response nothing more)

    quake 1 quake 2+expansions + quake 3 arena+team arena( quake 1 all max lock in 72 fps for stable gameplay quake 2 and 3 all max better fps)

    quake 4 (i think have more 2 fps fps but i need to tweak the game so continues perfectly playable with resolution 320×200 and tweak graphics)

    crysis ( lag flickering sky average 15-20 fps)

    colin mcrae rally 2005(better fps but i play with all on min because are a delay when have better texture quality or better resolution)

    i´ve used the sherry 1.1E and 1.3.2 and original

    the fps are in relation to 1.1E to 1.3.2 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 i only use original in nfs most wanted because is flickering in 1.3.2.
    (i recomend windows 8 beta because there no are fps drop when you put the game on Window mode yes the fps are the same than fullscreen no more fps drop like Windows 7 and vista.In fullscreen the fps are the same than Windows 7)

    specs:(i tested in 1 pc)


    Windos 8 Beta
    core 2 duo 1.66ghz overclock to 2ghz (setfsb)
    intel 945gm 400mhz (gmabooster)
    2gb ram
    3d Analyzer

    I hope this help you on a better development driver for Windows 8

    PS: if anyone can find na an nvidia geforce 6800 or ati x700 or better graphic id to test F.E.A.R 2 thank you.

    Keep up the good work ;D

  14. M.Silva says:


    the 1.3.2 in Windows 8 the graphics properties option sometimes simple dissapear and i cant go to properties but the driver continues installed i need reinstall the driver to appear again the graphics properties. And when the graphics properties dissapear the fps in games are reduced.

  15. M.Silva says:

    And thank you for resolving the problem in 1.3.1 because i cant change to centered image in 1.3.1 now i cant change but i needed to restart computer all the times i change the image.

  16. apurv says:

    what about intel gma 3100! plz man help

  17. LOR PAL says:

    I have a Lenovo S10-2 netbook and excellent version! installs quickly and is very stable is much better than the 1.1E and 1.3 that always hung at Windows. I expect when the final version comes out.


  18. Tsakaji says:

    What about a 64 bits version?.

  19. Pras Anand says:

    Thanks guys, this got my Lenovo S10 (atom 1.6Ghz and 945GME) working! Previous drivers didn’t work (only stock intel).. Desktop graphics went from 2.0 to 2.1 (haha) but I’m glad to know that the interface is receiving better acceleration.

    The atom 270 isn’t really enough for gaming, maybe old games like freelancer could work – will give it a try later.. Thanks again though, at least it works!! Keep up the great work

  20. Pras Anand says:

    Oh, also should mention that I’m using Windows 8 RTM (naughty naughty)

  21. Toshiro says:

    Sherry 1.3.2beta is so good for intel g33/g31. Though it makes WEI decrease, fps in game increases for me. but problem with video in game. It increases fps
    “Dynasty warriors 6” from 9fps to 14fps and it goes upto 40 fps.
    “Crysis” from 8fps to 16fps with IGRM and gps goes upto 24fps.


    Windows vista
    Intel G33/G31 express chipset family
    Intel petium 4 CPU 3.00ghz
    2gb ram
    128 vram

    Hoping for a better version ;). thumps up. you rock man.

  22. Colin says:

    I’m following this with great interest– I will merge to win7 or win 8 on a centrino duo 1.5ghz FROM my XP platform JUST for this driver.

    SO– should I go 7 , or 8? And 64bit or 32bit? I have no idea.

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