Total Reboot

As you all may know, the Intel driver project had been halted for a couple of years now. Not surprising as some of you may already know (you sure to know if you followed me on twitter). Just a quick post here.

The project will be officially stopped, but I am planning a total reboot in graphic driver development, involving open source drivers and multi platform drivers for OSX and Linux, which is much easier to code than, let’s say.. ahem windows?

With the rise of steam machine, and several multi platform gaming. It make sense to push to that direction, I will be optimizing old hardware to run several steam linux games and will be working side by side with several indie publisher to optimize future games for older but capable hardware. This mark a significant change compared to my previous project, which involve just modding and testing. This will be a project that build from the ground up, making the best of possibilities from open source technology available.

So look forward to upcoming projects in the future. That’s all for now. Any inquiries or project ideas, please contact me in the address given in the my about page.

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