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Total Reboot

As you all may know, the Intel driver project had been halted for a couple of years now. Not surprising as some of you may already know (you sure to know if you followed me on twitter). Just a quick post here.

The project will be officially stopped, but I am planning a total reboot in graphic driver development, involving open source drivers and multi platform drivers for OSX and Linux, which is much easier to code than, let’s say.. ahem windows?

With the rise of steam machine, and several multi platform gaming. It make sense to push to that direction, I will be optimizing old hardware to run several steam linux games and will be working side by side with several indie publisher to optimize future games for older but capable hardware. This mark a significant change compared to my previous project, which involve just modding and testing. This will be a project that build from the ground up, making the best of possibilities from open source technology available.

So look forward to upcoming projects in the future. That’s all for now. Any inquiries or project ideas, please contact me in the address given in the my about page.

1.3.2 Beta for 945GME/GSE chipsets release

Now it’s that time of the year.

As I said on some post before, I will prioritize on GME/GSE development first rather than jump directly to the main 945 and 965 release. Why? Cause most of the GME/GSE chipsets owner still using 1.1E up till now, so it’s fair that they get the chance to be first 🙂

I already release the beta on Sherry Driver facebook page and threadfa. So far the review have been great, here’s some of feedback that I get.

  • Flickering is finally fix 😀
  • WebGL now works with Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Slight improvements on gaming performance
  • Video performance increase although 1080p videos still stuttering (mostly because of Atom CPU)

Do note that this release is just a beta release aimed to see compatibility issue fixes compared to 1.3.x version which cause problems such as screen flickering and slow performance on some GME/GSE machine. Hopefully with users feedback and information on this release, I will be able to fix several issues while increasing the performance where possible without messing the stability and usability.

Here’s some of the features included :

  • Some 1.3.1 features enabled for GME/GSE chipsets
  • WebGL enabled For FF, Chrome and IE
  • Some 1.3.2 features enabled as extras
  • Video rendering improvements, though 1080p still struggles mostly because of CPU
Well, all said, hit the download links below 😀

A New Beginning : 2012

Well this is the first post for 2012 I believe, let’s begin with several updates that I delayed for some time.

Sherry 1.3.2 Updates 

I believe that all of the current Sherry drivers users much ask when is the 1.3.2 update is going to be release. Well for starters, in this release, Embedded version of the 945 family (GME and GSE) will be prioritize first in the development phase, which means that both of the chipsets will be develop as rapid as my 2 arms can be. The reason is quite simple, while other are already enjoying 1.3.1 (945 and 965), the Embedded version of the 945 are still using 1.1E for performance, that said, it is only fair that the 1.3.2 release will prioritize Embedded versions first.

Also as part of the development plan, 1.3.2 will be Windows 8 ready (when it comes), and this is what makes the update much more time consuming, again 1.3.2 update is still under 1.3.x project name,  so don’t expect for major update all the way. The updates will included several performance tweaks and stabilization codes to make the driver as stable as possible for Windows 7 and Windows 8 later on, while maintaining speed as it should. Again do not expect massive boost for this update, this is not a 1.4.x project yet.

New Logo Rebranding and Blog Design

As you all can see here and in the official Facebook fan page, the overall design has several changes. One of them are logo rebranding, which will be also use as default icon for the next driver release. This is for overall user friendly theme as well as provide the Sherry project a little bit of unique identity for itself. I have been working on it since 2009, and for almost 2 1/2 years later, I think it’s time for a new face for it.

“S” in the logo represent Sherry and as we all know it, Sherry project have been introduced for almost a year. That very same logo will be used as default icon for next release. The blog design are still from WordPress free collection, and I have to give this credit to Automattic for this creative blog design, this will provide a fresh feel for this blog , less clutter for easy reading and again that unique identity to it.

Any Plans?

Several plans that I would like to achieve in one or two months timeline is to collect enough donations for acquiring custom domain name for this blog.  Further details will be provide later on. Any donations are welcome for this effort as again it will complete the identity of this project.

I also plan of expanding the Sherry project to multiple devices, slowly that is, as I can’t handle multiple demands at once. Currently Sherry drivers supports up to 10 drivers for both 32bit and 64bit, and each of those drivers consume me for almost 2 months of my time to develop (based on 1.3.x project last year). I can however port the project to multiple devices such as Intel HD and 4 series, but please don’t expect to high of me as I am human with needs and responsibilities too.

I am also collecting funds for several devices to tests and develop on, currently I only have a 945GM laptop to test my drivers on, and yes that’s what make the drivers for 945 release so fast and without much bug in it.

So for those who can, please donate to at least allow this blog to have it’s very own domain name to keep it active as long as it should. I also welcome monthly donors (for fund raising and device funds) and / or yearly donors for domain name renewal. Please contact me for details. Note that the fundings will also be use on maintaining under DanielPK supervision.

I am also looking for someone who is good in art/photoshop to design a new banner for the blog, submit your artwork for evaluation with links to twitter or facebook, or email me at Do note that the banner must be appropriate with the theme here in this blog, and doesn’t have much contrast with the background. To be honest I have to expense to give for your artwork, but you’ll have my gratitude 🙂

Well, that’s all for now, see you on the next post, have fun and take care 😀