All my project will be listed here for downloads.

I have put almost all of my project into one mediafire folder for easy access, all major releases or final product of Sherry driver can be found in that folder so users can access the latest file in just a click of a link. Here’s the link to that public folder.

Mediafire Major Release Public Folder

Beta release Public Folder

Sherry 1.3

Sherry 1.3 (1990. for 945 (G, GM, GL, GZ, and etc) Windows7/Vista 32bit

Sherry 1.3 (1990. for 965 (GMA x3100 core) Windows 7/Vista 32bit

Previous release

Sherry V1.2 32bit for Vista / Windows 7

Sherry V1.1E 32bit for Vista / Windows 7 (netbook compatible)

Sherry V1.1 64bit for Vista / Windows 7

Documentations for Developers and Users (coming soon)

122 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Daniyal says:

    Could u help> I need a mod driver for gma 3100. will sherry driver 1.3 work.

  2. anatolii says:

    any drivers for XP?

  3. emazur says:

    Up til now I’ve been using the standard Intel driver for years but decided to try yours. It installed correctly and seemed to work well at first but soon I noticed problems. I had my laptop (Acer 5570z w/ GMA 950) set to extended desktop display mode, 1280×800 on laptop and 1680×1050 for external display. Just after installing the Sherry driver I was still able to use these settings, but then I put my laptop to sleep, and when I powered it on again the external display was using the wrong resolution, and when I tried to put it back to 1680×1050 the monitor gave me the message “out of range”. Also when I tried to clone display at 1280×768, laptop display was correct but external had very large black borders at the top and bottom. Both of these things did not happen with standard Intel driver. Also, the Vista Experience index for gaming went from 2.6 to 2.2 with Sherry driver. So I did a system restore to before I installed the driver and everything is working correctly now. I appreciate that you put your time into this and release the driver at no charge, but I would not recommend this driver to anyone. I’m not trying to be rude, just wanted to provide you and other people reading with feedback.

    • AngelicTears says:

      Thanks for the feedback, it is highly appreciated.

      Still I am practically develop and tested the driver with the same laptop as you, Acer 5570 ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will look into the problem and will try to fix the bug very soon, so stay up to date.
      For now, working platform can try the Sherry 1.2 which is the most stable release yet. Share the experience with the project for better experience in future releases. ๐Ÿ˜€
      The Sherry 1.2 can be found in the download pages ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ijsboer says:

    will there ever be a 64 bit release because i get an error like: the driver does not support your current system, and I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. ps: I have x3100

    • AngelicTears says:

      yes, there will be 64bit releases as mentioned before, but not till all the 32bit version is finish. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ijsboer says:

        Great that’s nice to hear, 64 bit editions aren’t that hard to make instead of a new os like windows xp.

      • AngelicTears says:

        Well, there’s a yes and no, it is indeed that it is easier to code the Windows 7 version of Sherry 1.3, still, XP 32bit driver is a bit more easy then making 64bit drivers, I already done a V1.1 64bit version for the 945.

        To put it simple, I don’t have the OS to test it, same as I didn’t have the hardware to test all other IGP out there, like the GMA3150 for example. It’s the same as 64bit drivers, I don’t have the OS to test it, still I’ll do my best to make it right ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. utu says:

    Hey do you know what game can be played with sherry driver 1.3 ????

  6. Kozak says:

    When will be version 1.3 for windows 7 64 bit ?

  7. NedHK says:

    I have a Mobile Intelยฎ 945GM Express Chipset Family Graphics.
    I have installed Windows 7 on my laptop and after a while i noticed that in games and some programs says that I have just 64MB Video Ram. On Windows XP i had 128 MB of Video Ram, GMA 950 (that i have) is built with 128 MB of is this posible.
    Please HELP!

  8. Jimmy says:

    Hi I love this driver but i need some assistance on this my Laptop is :
    ACER ASpire 5710
    Installed memory(Ram) 2.00Gb
    Processor Genuine intel CPu T2400 @1.83 Ghz 1.83 Ghz
    Video Card: Intel graphics media Acelerator 950gma
    Windows 7 ultimate 32 bits

    My questions are:
    Which driver i have to install on this laptop ? A sherry 1.3 for GM or sherry 1.3 GME
    how to configure settings to play world of warcraft betterยฟ?
    How to configure Open GL

    Please I apreciatte a answer
    Ty for listen to me

  9. Hey Bro ! You can use my X64 Win 7 for test purposes ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Justino says:

    how can know if install the drivers sherry 1.3?,i reed and is one update,but when open intel display Adaptor managment 1.1 tool,the information is the same before when i have the MOD 9xxf 1.1E

  11. Justino says:

    how can know if install the drivers sherry 1.3?,i read and is one update,but when open intel display Adaptor managment 1.1 tool,the information is the same before when i have the MOD 9xxf 1.1E

  12. Kyle Lewis says:

    First of all, thank you for making these modded drivers!
    I am having problems with the speed of my computer after installing Sherry 1.3 for Vista 32 bit, is this because it is using more RAM? Also, how do I change the settings for the modded driver?
    Username: KyleL96

  13. rakesh says:

    wont work on 945GM express chipset

  14. rakesh says:

    Thanks it’s working now

  15. Mosca says:

    My laptop is very old (like from 2006). It is a Dell Inspiron 6400. It has the Intel 945GM (video card?). It says it was designed for Windows XP but I have both WinXP and Windows 7 on dual boot.

    Which Sherry driver would you recommend me to use for Windows 7?

    Do you have a driver for the 945GM for Windows XP?

    Also, is there any way to tune up/configure your driver for better performance? (once installed).

    • AngelicTears says:

      Hey there, first of all thanks for the support and interest. First of all, u can use the generic version of Sherry Drivers, which the latest version are 1.3.1. Windows xp driver are still unavailable, for now.

  16. Sagib says:

    Great work angelic tear. guess ill be waiting for the xp drivers.

  17. Help says:

    Please make xp driver :/

  18. endryash says:

    i am waiting for Xp driver version

  19. kevin says:

    Could you please provide 64 bit version of Sherry 1.3 drivers.please do it as early as possible.thanks

  20. Belligerence says:

    I want to say that this driver is a god-send, thank you for making it, very very much. In 2008, my dad got me a custom build laptop with great everything…but forgot to change the gma x3100 out. I’ve been struggling for 3 years to get games playable, and some fixes slightly helped, but your driver has significantly increased the performance. I just have one tiny question. Is there a certain way to switch the games in to software vertex, or is it automatic?

  21. NeTz says:

    Need Help, My Laptop Cannot Starts The Installer…….

    My Intel ID is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0046&SUBSYS_1425103C&REV_02

    please help thx

  22. NeTz says:

    My OS is using Win 7 Home Premium x86

  23. Andrei says:

    Hi, I know it takes a lot of time and effort to make these drivers but could you possibly give us an estimation on when the ones for XP will be made, should we expect them this year, or the next?


  24. migdal says:

    I installed Win 7 Ultimate. Unfortunatelly Sherry doesn’t work. My “Os doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for installing this software”.
    maybe it’s just stupid OS’s error, and all is about my IGP which is 3150. I read that You haven’t checked it yet.

  25. Rodrigo says:

    Great work!
    waiting for the XP version!

  26. Pablo says:

    i’ll be waiting the drivers for gma 3150 – windows xp 32 bits

    good luck!!

  27. forteller says:

    I am very excited about your driver, and can’t wait for x64 version! Unfortunately, I am using software that works much better on 64-bit OS, so rolling back to x86 is not an option for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ anyway, when x64 will be finished, I will install it at once! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Better WebGL performance on X3100 would be great. Not to mention, that I swapped motherboard with ATi X2300 for a IGP one in my HP 6910p, as performance of Intel IGP is much better in 2D (!)

  28. Sanjay says:

    Hi will [965 (GMA x3100 core) Windows 7/Vista 32bit] work on windows 7 x64 ?

  29. gumball3000 says:

    i get the the driver does not support your current system error message, i am running a PC with windows 7 ultimate and intel GMA X3100.

  30. abc123 says:

    Hi, I have Intel GMA 3100, which version should I download?

  31. erikor says:

    yow may i ask something..
    when i install my sherry driver 1.3 my computer runs on 1fps per second even when i logged in on to my desktop.i think something is wrong with my installation.and can someone show me how to install it right..
    and i cant find any intel graphics registry modifier please give me a fresh site pleaseโ€ฆ

  32. GrAyBaCk says:

    I have a news about your site that you are the one that answers the problems of intel integrated graphics card. But the error appeared and says minimum requirements doesn’t met can u tell me if what requirement is needed I have windows 7 ultimate 32-bit SP3 GMA3100 Thank You. And Please Reply xD…..

  33. ~~ Ilham a.k.a Cspaxe ~~ says:

    hi there .
    Can you make for XP ?

  34. EloEloELo says:

    I have Acer Aspire One d255 with Windows 7 starter edition 1gb ram,atom n450(1,66ghz)and intel gma 3150 when i try to install the driver error appeared and says minimum requirements doesnโ€™t met,what’s the problem?:/

  35. Olli says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ve been trying for 3 hours to get this to work on my acer aspire one d250 to no avail. i even tried disabling the original driver which seemed to endlessly reinstall itself as well unless I did an update driver for it from the device manager. I had uninstalled all other software and drivers beforehand.

    Here is what happens… I restart my computer and then the screen just keeps blinking with black, loading part of the taskbar and background and then black screen again and I can’t even really move the mouse and it keeps on dissapearing when everything else does. I’m certain I downloaded the right 1.3 driver for win7 32bit. What else do I need to do because right now I have completely given up hope of getting this dang thing to install on this netbook! x.x

  36. Olli says:

    And one quick check to intel’s site to try to see if I could find anything showed that I didn’t have the chipset drivers installed although I specifically remember running it when I downgraded from 8 and back to 7. The update utility on the site showed that I didn’t have any version installed for some reason ; p Would that have been my problem with getting this darn driver to function right and why I would have the issues I did? I’m a whee bummed out right now about wasting so much time when that mmay have been the problem, so hoping for a possible somewhat of an answer before putting any more time into this since it’s driving me nuts x.x That’s the ONLY thing I’ve found that seemed outta place so far x.x

  37. Eduardo says:

    Thanks Bro!!!!

    You gave my pentium d a few years of life!!!!

    Thanks for your hard work!!!!!

    Have a nice day

  38. hendra says:

    i need for xp, please

  39. Martin Perez says:

    I read above about you haven’t got hardware (GMA 3150) and software (I guess you were talking about Windows XP) to test it, I’ve got both of them, maybe I could be like a tester ๐Ÿ˜€
    I would love to help you in anything I could..

    You do a very great job by creating all this drivers!
    I hopefully wait for an answer.-


  40. siulon says:

    I need the X3100 for xp 32 bit,and is this in your plans?Thank you!!!

  41. Deathbliss says:

    Could use some Intel 852GME integrated drivers (Gateway m405 laptop) for Windows XP SP3. Any of yours work?

  42. alyssonhk says:

    x3100m x64 ?

  43. Renato says:

    Please make a new driver for GMA 3100 for Windows XP with addreg suport

  44. Ramas says:

    Hey, after installing sherry 1.3 my computer gets all slow and it starts to blink. I am trying to install it on Acer Aspire One (netbook). Need help, please.

  45. tapsi says:

    i need xp please

  46. keiichi says:

    And Windows XP?

  47. ddims says:

    nice work bro…

    waiting for XP 32-bit Intel GMA 950. Is my request will be available?

    thank you

  48. jerin says:

    Plz make a driver for g41 express chipset
    none of your drivers are working
    please help me

  49. RICHARD says:

    please could help me with some drivers for integrated graphics card INTEL 3510

    I downloaded many but I get error and tells me to look for other compatible please help

  50. roberto says:

    i have gma 3150 and when im trying to install it, says that i dont meet the requeriments ยฟ?ยฟ?ยฟ? what should i do?

  51. Piovezan says:

    One more person looking for the WinXP 32-bit drivers… thank you!

  52. IzanaGi says:

    Wait, i thought 1.3.1 for gma 3100 have released ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    But where is the download link ? :L

  53. Justino says:

    Hi,i am Justino.
    i have years reading about the mod drivers,and i have a question .why Penumbra overture dont run?, i think is OpenGl,But i am not sure. i have find the reason .Becouse i know that chips(gma 950) have a great power.
    you can help me?

  54. Brian says:

    Thanks for your work, it extends the usefullness of older computers, especially laptops, which is good for the environment.

    I use Windows XP, 7 and Apple Mac OS X 7.3 on a Toshiba Portege M400 tablet laptop. I installed your driver for Windows 7 and, so far, it works.

    The Mac also has drivers (kext) for the GMA945/950 but, in OS X the gpu is limited to 64 MB of memory although, according to your work with the Windows 7 drivers, the GMA945/950 is capable of using much more memory. Would you be interested in doing the same for the OS X 10.7.3 drivers (kext files)? As well, the GMA945/950 will not be able to be used with OS X 10.8 which is a shame because it could except that Apple won’t provide the drivers but the drivers and framebuffers from previous versions of OS X should be able to be modified to work with OS X 10.8 as has been done with previous versions of OS X (For example, OS X 10.5 and 10.6 drivers and framebuffers modified to work with OS X 10.7).

    Thanks again for what you’ve done.

  55. Ryan says:

    I have Intel GMA 3100. i will be waiting the drivers for GMA 3100 (windows XP)

  56. hafizysyafiz says:

    can raise the 3150 GMA to 400MHz ..?

  57. sairedz25 says:

    good day bro..

    i must admit, i’m really amazed what your driver has made on my acer aspire one happy.
    my rating before using your driver only 2.0, but now my rating increased to 2,9.

    Thanks for the great driver!

  58. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the excellent work you’ve done. your driver has greatly improved performance on a few of my games. Driver version 1.3.1 is working great on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I had a minor problem setting it up, but I’ve got it working, and thought I’d share the procedure should it prove troublesome to someone else in the official release of Win8.
    1. You absolutely must make sure you disable automatic windows updates. letting it automatically check for updates is ok, just make sure it’s set to notify you, otherwise it won’t even tell you it’s installing the Intel driver from Microsoft, and you won’t know until your next reboot. also, once you reboot it’ll keep using the MS’s generic driver regardless if you’ve uninstalled it or not. there’s no option to remove that driver software either.

    2. you have to open the device manager and open the properties for the display adapter,

    3. choose update driver, then select “browse my computer for driver software”,

    4. choose “Let me pick from a list of installed device drivers on my computer”,

    5. choose the correct driver in the list

    6. click next. once you do it’ll change drivers, and you’ll be prompted to reboot. It’ll be using the correct driver after you do.

  59. John says:

    Great work. Never tot of this will be realising on Intel.
    I hope you develop for XP. coz XP OS is still used by many ppl who cant afford newer machines.

  60. ARUN says:

    its not work on acer aspire N570 GMA 3150 its shown not validation for your pc why?????????

  61. gdsffs says:

    Does the Sherry V1.1E 32bit for Vista / Windows 7 (netbook compatible) works on gma 3150?

  62. jarwo says:

    my intel gma 3100 (not x3100) graphics driver and also i have used Sherry V1.3.1 but it still not work . what should i do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  63. jeanrobert says:

    i got a samsung n140 netbook with the 945gm chipset ,and i can’t install it successfully.
    At the end of setup , my screen blink and i can barely move the mouse .
    I had to restart windows into fail mode and to remove the sherry driver…

  64. Haroudiaz says:

    me too..Does Sherry V1.2 32bit for Vista / Windows 7 works on GMA 3100.. please help me..

    • AngelicTears says:

      It should work, still it is still unofficial. You can install it manually via device manager. Though more on the steps at

      • Is there any modded drivers for an embedded Mobile intel 945 express family chipset (Intel GMA 950)? please reply

      • Dennis says:

        I believe support for the 945GME was to be added in the sherry 1.3.2(which is still being tested/made) driver. now the integrated 945/950 GMA is a different story, that’s already supported in the present version of the driver.

      • Allan says:

        hi AngelicTears i my card i turn into Intel 945G i replace files of Intel 2000 to intel 945G shit works on 2002 to 2012 pc games hahahahaha

  65. Harshen says:

    My rating jumped from 2.6 to 2.7!

  66. rdhoka says:

    Hey Angelic Tears, I have a netbook with 2GB of ram and intel gma 945, when i install Sherry 1.3 or below , the screen keeps on flashing and it gets really slow, i unistall the regular drivers but still it happens, what gives ?

    • AngelicTears says:

      It seems that your hardware isn’t fully supported yet, I assume that you have a GME version of the 945 chipset. I am constantly fixing several bugs regarding 945GME chipsets.

  67. djpumpkin says:

    Really hoping you will be able to release a X3100 WinXP 32-bit version soon.

  68. djpumpkin says:

    Any possibility of an xp 32 bit version for X3100 ?

    • AngelicTears says:

      For now a debate on continuing XP support or not is still on going. Though I personally recommends upgrading to Win7 for those with capable hardware.

      • djpumpkin says:

        How long will the debate go on? It would be much more helpful if you could please give a definitive yes/no. Not everyone can upgrade beyond XP – but I think they would rather know one way or another if they will ever be able to use your mods. Thanks.

    • Dennis says:

      there was some mention of it in earlier posts. if it happens it happens, if it don’t, it won’t. it’s sometimes best not to push the issue. for now, go to the intel san soldiers forum, they’ll probably have an idea or two how to get whatever it is you want to work, working, or even know of where else you can get a modded driver that’ll work for xp. if at all possible though, just upgrade your video card to something that isn’t intel. yeah, I know, it’s not like they’re cheap or anything, but it’s better then sub-par graphics(which in my book, makes it worth the expense). if you’re on a laptop, and have a computer shop that does trade ins, DO IT, get something that has either an ati/nvidia chipset. otherwise sit patiently and wait like everyone else. I apologize if it comes off as a bit rude, but posting multiple times, and then demanding a yes or no answer from someone who does this in what little spare time he has, in my opinion is a little rude as well.

    • Dennis says:

      can’t say how good or legit they are, but, this is the best bet that I could personally find with a quick google search. but they do have a 32 bit driver for xp. good luck…not personally knowing the source, or trustworthiness of it, you may need it.

  69. daniel says:

    im running on windows xp sp3, intel 965 normal drivers. can we use addgame.reg for fps improvement?

  70. Daryll Swer says:

    Sir please make this version ‘Sherry 1.3 (1990. for 945 (G, GM, GL, GZ, and etc) Windows7/Vista 32bit’ Work on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1.

  71. princehd says:

    Hi! I use this software for my Laptop To run games but then after a month of using it I played minecraft then Suddenly This problem Started “DriverIGFX Had stop working” Any fixes? Before never happens IDK Why it just happened my Specs are: Intel Core 2 duo Intel Mobile Express Chipset 965 Brand Acer Travelmate 4320 ram 3.0 GB disk space 70 gb Help plz

  72. princehd says:

    hi I love this software i’ve been using this for Games Such as call of duty 2 GTA sa and Minecraft but suddenly i played minecraft then this problem started “Driver igfx had stop working” How to fix that? Never happened before so yeah do i need to update or is there a fix to fix it? Thanks

  73. Lucas says:

    I guess who else got 64 bit system must buy a new laptop.

  74. Pablo says:

    Sir Angelic Tears , I need the sherry 1.3 for intel GMA 3150 to windows 7 64 bit , no 32 bit. Please , please…

  75. Nisse says:

    Oh god, according to my PC, my graphics went from 2.0 to 3.0 ๐Ÿ˜€ so cool!

  76. keonk says:

    for xp please ??

  77. paul says:

    any driver for xp?sorry for the bad english.

  78. Victor says:

    Please can you make a version of Sherry 1.3.2 64-bit? Or is only supported for 32-bit? Thanks!

  79. Ward says:

    Still Waiting , too for drivers for gma 3150 in Windows XP Home Edition. Can’t wait. Tried your driver for my gma 3150 in windows 7 and it increases performance by about 25-35%. Thanks again.

  80. Rodrigo says:

    and GMA 3100 for XP 32bit?

  81. Randy says:

    For XP 32bit pliss…. btw awsome work! ;D

  82. Victor says:

    I need a 64bit driver of Sherry 1.3.1, because my Windows 7 is 64bit. Sorry for the bad english.

  83. maciej says:

    Is it possible to realse modded version of driver for windows XP x32, sp3 – 945 GMA chipset intel? (integrated). Please give us an answer! ; )

  84. joshua says:

    Hello, I need help installing the drivers… Do I need to uninstall my current driver first, or do I just install it straight…

  85. larry says:

    i get a error with custom drivers, the driver being installed is not validated for this computer. etc. etc.

    i have gm965 (x3100), but i am running windows xp, could that be the issue?

    if it is can i get a xp version ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Kral says:

    Hey guys,
    Should I download v1.1 for win7 x64 for 965 chipset ??
    The reason why I’m asking is I’m a bit confused cuz 1.3 and 1.1V

    Thx for help

  87. Leo says:

    Can you guys please make a modification or a new driver solely for the GMA 3100. A lot of people have been asking for it for a long time.

  88. abdee says:

    request plz…intel gma x3100 for windows 8 pro x64 build 9200

  89. strikerman780 says:

    Waiting for Windows XP support.

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